Rockstar Handing Out $500k for GTA Online Problems, Is This The Right Move?

Rockstar will be handing out $500k to all GTA Online players who have played the game to date, in what seems to be an apology for technical problems encountered so far. Is this the right move, or should they have taken a different approach?

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iamnsuperman1738d ago

What else could they do really. The launch for the online was a joke with a large majority not being able to play (comes with its own problems) and of the small minority that could play a large amount of people kept loosing characters and experience/money. It is the right move to do. I simple apology wouldn't sit right with a lot of people

xHoii1738d ago

Yeah it might be the right move, but don't you think rockstar should reset those who exploited certain aspects of the game and are now millionaires?
I mean if they don't reset them, then really there is no point at all, the wholee in game economy would be a mess... But then again I do think something will be done about them, because they also rendered rockstars micro-transactions useless.. I mean don't you think we would be seeing GTA V in game money up for sale on eBay once the money share feature is back?

Aleithian1738d ago

I'd say the $500k will ruin the element of progression for gamers in the short term. I'd rather see R* fix the unbalanced financial system in Online. The cost of dying and the prohibitive time it takes to accumulate cash need fixed.

RedSoakedSponge1738d ago

i dont think it is personally. i like the idea of the money i have feeling earned through doing stuff ingame. now everyone can just go out and buy the most expensive apartment which iv been saving up for without any hard work at all. quite disappointing if you ask me.

porkChop1738d ago

"now everyone can just go out and buy the most expensive apartment which iv been saving up for **without any hard work at all.**"

A lot of people have been saving up for that apartment, and then they kept losing their characters and all their money. So yes, this IS the right move. I lost my character 4 times, and across those 4 character I had nearly enough to buy that apartment.

Rockstar completely botched the biggest multiplayer launch of the year, and clearly didn't learn from the industries prior online launch failures. A simple "I'm sorry" wouldn't be nearly enough.

TheSaint1737d ago

All the luxury apartment look identical, it's a waste of money buying the most expensive.

Tetsujin1738d ago

I'll take the cash, however I wish there was an option to start out at a certain rank OR cash, that way people have the option. Again the money is nice and I'm not complaining at all, just wish that other option was there.

hotbeef1738d ago

I'm not gonna complain. It's more than a lot of other game companies would have done. Maybe rockstar should have waited longer before launching online but I don't think they ever could have been prepared enough for the amount of traffic hitting their servers

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