Some Pokémon X and Y players reporting game-breaking save bug

Saving in the streets of Lumiose City could break your game. You have been warned!

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darkronin2291767d ago

Yikes. Good thing I've already passed Lumiose.

TechMech21767d ago

I'm pretty sure you have to return to beat the gym

TekoIie1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Its a good to be warned of the danger though.

This doesn't sound good though for Nintendo's zero patch plan :/

Sadie21001767d ago

This is going to break a lot of hearts.

Tolkoto1767d ago

Ha, I get it, Metapod is a bug.

LAWSON721766d ago

Lol, I was wondering why the picture was of Metapod.

user55757081766d ago

metapod uses harden on your game apparently

kB01767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

yeah it's too bad imo. The game has and had high hopes, awesome new design and new gameplay styles but it has a lot of technical problems.

It lags alot (frame rates in certain fights drop noticeably and heavily) and 3D can cause the lag too.

It felt like this game could have used a little more work before release imo.

Still loving it, got my charmander and the new XP sharing is absolutely a time saver..I usually get to bored to level ever damn pokemon now I can save the ones I dont really like only as backup:D

Nerdmaster1767d ago

The only lag I noticed is when 3D is on during battles (since outside of them the 3D effect is automatically off). But 3D is so bad in this game that I just leave it off. A higher depth would've done wonders.

kB01767d ago

Trust me, you will start to notice the lag even with 3D off. It happens especially when the pokemon on screen are a little more complex and even more when they do that side by side when you idle or the turn is over.

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The story is too old to be commented.