NBA LIVE 14 Athlete Lineup Revealed

Hardcore Gamer: EA Sports today announced the NBA LIVE roster, which includes six rising stars from the NBA.

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305LoneWolf1654d ago

Day 1 on ps4 for me, I played the nba live series before the NBA 2k series came along
It's time 2 go back 2 the nba live series

koolaid2511654d ago

Nba Live is scared to show that wack gameplay. @k 14 the most realistic bball game on the market, Nba live is for the kids.

BigShotSmoov0071654d ago

Okay where is some real gameplay footage? We see how 2k14 looks and EA keeps up with this tease and it's not working. They not going to sell if they don't show us how the game really looks.

2pacalypsenow1654d ago

damn its a shame they all forgot about D Rose So fast smh... when all those player have done shit compared to D rose

JetsFool35001654d ago

Those are all the people who came in for motion capture if you read tha article you would have known why they are there