Nintendo dominates at NYCC

Without a next gen showing from either Microsoft or Sony, Nintendo is given virtually free range over the convention floor. Firmly planted in the center of the main showroom, the Nintendo booth is constantly packed with fans waiting for their chance to play unreleased titles like Super Mario 3D Worlds, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Sonic Lost World. Probably the most buzz is surrounding the demo display for Bayonetta 2 and after a quick run through, it’s easy to see why.

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BOWZER351620d ago

You don't see that kind of headline nowadays, nice!

AJBACK2FRAG1620d ago

i'm lovin' it! Soooo many great games!! I just picked up Pikmin 3 last night and it's so much fun and oh sooo sweet to play and if anyone questions if video games are art I point to this game as a perfect example!! November is gonna' be hUge!

exfatal1620d ago

Awesome, some good news for nintendo is always nice to hear.

BOLO1620d ago

Should say "Nintendo dominates at NYCC...By default."

AKR1620d ago

Yes, yes. We know that any positive news about Nintendo is one of the greatest insults to many N4G users.

Realplaya1620d ago

Calm down it was their day and they did a great job.

BullyMangler1620d ago

lol i wonder what games sony had alongside nintendos at New Yourk Comic Con that just werent as great as nintendo games . lol sony competing like dogs for the bone .

its worthless, nintendo is thier daddy in all ways

leahcim1620d ago

nice headline for nintendo!