Contents of the 'Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition' Revealed

8CN: Namco Bandai has revealed the contents of the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition, which was confirmed at NYCC earlier this weekend. The release will be priced at $99.95, and will include the following:

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DarkBlood1742d ago

lol looks like i gotta get that edition preordered in a few months when it shows up in ebgames.

pompombrum1741d ago

Any news if the EU will get the same stuff?

Nate-Dog1741d ago

It's weird, I have ordered this CE version of the Japanese edition but the music CDs aren't listed in that, but in all these images for the US edition the CDs are listed, but it says that these are images of what's in the Japanese edition so I'm very confused. Guess I'll find out soon what's in the Japanese one when it arrives. Very cool that the West is getting the same edition though.

Voozi1741d ago

The Japanese version doesn't come with music CDs. Only the US version does.

Nate-Dog1740d ago

Well poop. Thanks for clarifying anyway.

noxeven1741d ago

went to check amazon for this wasn't listed

princejb1341741d ago

i want this game so bad
please release this for ps4

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