Lightning Returns is an accessible send-off for fans old and new | Nova Crystallis

Nova Crystallis has a newcomer to the FF13 series take a look at the latest Lightning Returns build.

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-Foxtrot1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )



I'll think you'll find this game is pretty much only for FF13 lovers. It will most likely be the same stuff we've already seen in the past two games where Square with the use of their great marketing to hype it up, exaggerate the new features to make the game look newly improved only for it to be a massive let down and only a slight improvement over the last game, just like FF13-2.

I hope people are smarter then that, the ones who didn't like FF13 anyway, people should know what Sqaure are like by now. Just let them have the actual FF13 fans money and be done with the 13 series once and for all

3-4-51682d ago

After FF 13.....We could have had 2 brand new RPG's to play. New IP's.

Square decided to give us two more games that not many people wanted or are really that good or appealing.

Two missed opportunities to create brand new amazing franchises and it wont' be the last missed opportunity by them.

-Foxtrot1682d ago

What I always try to point out to those like liked FF13 (for whatever bizzare twisted unheard of reasons) is that with sequels to FF13 they might enjoy them but a lot of FF fans wouldn't. I mean I'm guessing the hate/love percentage is 20% to 80%.

So heres my question

Why would you support a game like this that you guys in the minority will only enjoy when you could get Square to make a new RPG (or old...we could of had FF15 sooner, you know before it was Versus) and at least then EVERYONE would have a chance to enjoy the game again. It's a little selfish in my opinion, all they've done is made Square force it down everyones neck even more. Lightning this...Lightning that <sigh>

We could of seen two brand new fantastic RPGs which could of made us forget about the horrible FF game most of us witnessed.

DragonKnight1682d ago

And there's the final nail in the coffin. The word "accessible" means watered down, casual garbage. Not that this game had anything good going for it to begin with, this just makes it worse.

LightofDarkness1682d ago

I don't think you can get any more accessible than "walk forward and press X to win", but I'm sure they'll find a way.

Welcome2Die1682d ago


Oh wait!!

No seriously how could they possibly make the game even easier????

e-p-ayeaH1682d ago

13 was an unlucky number for FF fans all along man...

HeavenlySnipes1682d ago

From what I've seen, this game could actually be good

The thing is though, I don't give one iota of a shit about any of the FFXIII characters enough to buy this or FFXIII-2 after purchasing FFXIII.

The sales of FFXIII-2 were less than 13 itself, I don't see why they think this game will do any better

DEATHxTHExKIDx1682d ago

Im TOO excited for this game.