Sessler Something 10/14/2013

How the PS4 and Xbox One Launches Are Different Than Last Time - PLUS: GTA Online's Woes

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mewhy321402d ago

this time there was the bone debacle when don mattrick stepped onto the stage and basically said that if you don't like it then buy a 360.

hankmoody1402d ago

You're like the guy who keeps reminding people of their past mistakes. Yes, we get it. It was a stupid thing to say up there on that stage. Move on.

cyguration1402d ago

It's more like letting everyone know that your ex-girlfriend slept around with a bunch of dudes and also likes spying on you.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go back with someone like that.

MAULxx1402d ago

And I hated it so I preordered a PS4.
The Xbone, what a disappointment.
It so badly needs to be redesigned but unfortunately that isn't going to happen.

obelix011402d ago

I'm glad that asshole is gone

ebreda1402d ago

I pre-ordered both. I have to play Forza 5 and Resogun, so there.

hankmoody1402d ago

Those who go with both will be justly rewarded. Both systems are going to have their exclusives.

Ashes2Ashes1402d ago

Yes they are. Can't wait!