Beenox Explains Why The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wasn't Announced for PlayStation Vita

Very shortly after announcing that The Amazing Spider-Man would be coming to PlayStation Vita this November, Activision and Beenox revealed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will release next spring alongside the movie for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, and PC. - PSLS

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Godmars2901801d ago

As long as its main mechanic is swinging, who cares?

sigfredod1801d ago

The reason it isn’t coming to Vita is because “We have to support other platforms (including new platforms) and don’t have the time or resources to do it properly.”, bull crap if that was the real reason how come is coming to all plats including 3ds

Yep1801d ago

Because they value the 3DS more than the Vita.

Think about it. 3DS has over 34 million console sold and growing fast. Vita has 5.8 million consoles sold and is growing slowly.

Sony would have to pay the company to get the game on the system.

GirlOnFire1801d ago

Even though its an Sony movie they have to pay for the game how lame... I'm getting part 1 at least on Vita.

gunboss2011800d ago

but it's ok though, I don't want it anw...

OrangePowerz1801d ago

3DS has higher sales and because the graphics aren`t great of the 3DS it`s also cheaper to make as the game is probably smaller compared to the console version.

GinkgoID1801d ago

It is the same issue the WiiU is currently having. Not enough sales of the console to guarantee payback of the time/effort involved in the port. As more sell over time the equation will change. Same with the Wii-U. Purely a business decision. (I own a Vita)

ritsuka6661801d ago

No, it's perfectly acceptable business/pr speak. Publisher isn't going to make a profit putting it on the Vita due to a poor install base.

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H4all1801d ago

vita has a lot of potential..
DEVELOPER they should give more more more game for it...
and sony should demand it...
all vita owner including me.. wan't a GOOD title for it..
it's a great handheld.. it's need more love..

Kane221801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

yet can still make it for the 3DS............. This is the same BS excuse for titanfall on ps4.

darren_poolies1801d ago

This will come to Vita and Titanfall will come to PS4.

nick3091801d ago

Titanfall is inside a deal. It can run on ps4 unless ms keeps paying ea to keep it exclusive

gunboss2011800d ago

I don't really like Titanfall, looks similar to blacklight IMO. Going for Killzone Shadow Fall and Blacklight Retribution

GdaTyler1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

So why include 3DS as a platform? They truly suck that's what. I would take an HD port of Spider-man 2 on PS2(Best Spider-man game ever in my opinion) any day over the cheap movie tie-in that they're likely going to make.

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