Dark Souls II Interview - NYCC 2013 - Prepare to Die Again!

Nick talks to J. Kartje about Dark Souls II‘s new enemies, online and systems. Stick around to hear J’s number one tip for players planning on getting the game!

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mewhy321678d ago

Preparing to die is something that you have to expect on this game. if it's anything like the first game you'll need losts of patience to get through it.

Jakallov31678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Combat feels slower than the first two games, but it also feels smoother, I felt as if my experience with the previous games helped me almost nothing and had to think twice before engaging an enemy, but yes, lots of patience is needed now, maybe even more than the previous titles... and is amazing!

Furesis1678d ago

i don't think that the combat is slower and i also don't think that it's smoother i think it's less smoother than the previous games but it's just like the guy said in the interview they changed some things so at first it feels different when you play it but i got used to it

i would really like to know how far people got in the beta so if anyone played it please comment

i got to the boss, beat the boss lit the bonfire and then the time was over

Thisisjuju1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I agree the combat feels smoother.

Despite being very similar to Dark Souls it just feels different, I cant really describe it. I felt like I had to get used to the controls and play style all over again, despite the familiarity.

This however is a great precedent because it should mean Dark Souls 2 feels quite fresh, at least game play wise.

EDIT: @Furesis: I got to the boss and beat him too, however I was in a party totaling 3 people.

j-blaze1678d ago

dying in Dark Souls is awesome xD

Bolts1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I have never been able to finish any of these games and it would be nice if they add Diablo style coop to help newbs like me.

DoctorJones1678d ago

Sorry dude, but I like the way Demons Souls/Dark Souls has co-op as it is. There is help there if you need it, you just need to summon someone.

BABY-JEDI1678d ago

This is looking great. The new mechanics look like they will ramp-up the death factor LoL, which is all good IMO.
; D