Ginx- WWE 2K14 Preview

Ginx:The grandest stage of them all. The showcase of the immortals. The be-all; end-all of professional wrestling. WrestleMania. It’s the jewel in the crown of the WWE, and has been for almost thirty years. It’s the event where unstoppable forces met immovable objects, where boyhood dreams have come true, where careers have been made and where legends have ended. Nothing – nothing – is bigger or more important to sports entertainment than this event, and this year, it’s been made the centrepiece of WWE 2K14… Yuke’s series of WWE games might have a new publisher, and yet another new name, but don’t worry. Our hands-on time with this latest entry can confirm – it is the follow up to WWE 13 you would otherwise expect. As a stop-gap of sorts, in development long before 2K Sports picked up the licence, big changes aren’t on the agenda – and for once, we’re completely fine with that. For all its faults, we think last year’s game came the closest any ever has to capturing the experience of wrestling, and that means WWE 2K14 does the same. -

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