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Submitted by Abriael 774d ago | trailer

New Gran Turismo 6 Trailer Shows Impressive Visuals

Polyphony Digital released a new trailer of Gran Turismo 6, giving a further glimpse on the upcoming racer that is nicely positioned to see the last generation off with a bang. (Gran Turismo 6, PS3)

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PoSTedUP  +   774d ago
Gran Turismo 6 is going to be the biggest and best racing game ever!
Turn 10: *after seeing first trailer* "yeah um, we're not competing with Gran Turismo anymore, infact, we're not even a racing simulator". rofl
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mewhy32  +   774d ago
this is an extremely beautiful game. could easily be passed as a next gen racer.
abzdine  +   774d ago
dammmmn is this PS3?
PoSTedUP  +   774d ago
yup. and i think with the level of detail, the amount of physics and accurate customization in over 1,200 cars in rally, rain, dirt, snow, ice, nascar, F1, trucks and even go-carts, a huge license acquirement portion, # of tracks and online... i think it can easily surpass a lot of next gen racers imo.
ZodTheRipper  +   774d ago
Just imagine what Polyphony'll do with the PS4. They seemed, more than anyother developer this gen, very limited by this gen's hardware. It took them forever to build this engine and in the end, the PS3 wasn't powerful enough to handle these graphics with these physics.
Mad Aizen  +   774d ago
Folks, if console racing history tells us anything, this is looking to be a much more ambitious iteration of GT than even GT3, which was one of the best console racers to ever come out of PD's studios and in gaming history. All PS3 owners should pick this up and tip a hat to the beating heart of PlayStation.

@abzdine -
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ohiostatesman  +   774d ago
Too bad the actual gameplay does not look like the replays. Looks terrible when it actually counts.
Blackdeath_663  +   774d ago
so goddamn excited for this game haven't played GT since PS2
sync90  +   774d ago
Why bring turn 10 into it with your childish fanboy nonsense? its pathetic....
PoSTedUP  +   774d ago
obvioulsly for the same reason you just commented with the answered to your very own question in the exact same question i.e. commenting just to diss something /someone. by your logic i am no more pathetic than you are. see we coulda been best friends but you dun messed it all up, now we're just two pathetic individuals dissing eachother. welcome to the pathetic console war neutral contestant #521469 who comments to diss people dissing other people in the middle of an obvious console war. you must feel empowered : )
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j-blaze  +   774d ago
looks exactly like GT5 to me, same boring racing game
PoSTedUP  +   774d ago
ouch that hurts the 11m+ Gran Turismo players feels, we're now going to question the incredible level of enjoyment we are having while playing the next installment in the biggest and most popular racing franchise, because of your comment. thanks a lot, bro. -_-
clae1  +   774d ago
Yup enjoy the 1200 cars , half of them skylines ported from ps2 with a black cardboard for a dashboard. Good news, I heard they used a new vaccum cleaner to upgrade the sound of the cars. Can't. Wait will be better than forza for sure lol!
PoSTedUP  +   774d ago
forza has good engine sounds, but they better considering they still dont have night time or weather going into the 5th installment in the Next generation (when GT had this since the ps1, nightime, rally n wet roads) nor havent had to worry too much about physics even in the only type of surface they focus on and only 300 cars, they cant even make forza look better than gran turismo even with the little work they put in compared to gt. but thats what you get when you game on Xbox and Xbox One generation behind, or should i say two, in this particular case.
ambientFLIER  +   774d ago
That's so funny that you guys are are having a circle jerk because 7 years after the launch of the PS3 a game uses literally every ounce of power from the system (and looks pretty good while doing so), and are comparing it to a launch game that you haven't played yet, on a system that hasn't come out yet, and announce it as superior!

I guess someone forgot the generational leap in quality between Forza 2 and Forza 4, all on the same hardware...
clae1  +   774d ago
Sure, Gt has night time and weather and because of this you can add tearing and dipping frame rates on the list. Rally you say, sorry but not good at all.

I think that is the problem of Gt, they tried to cram up all these features and ended up have baked. Gt has all of this different discipline of motorsport as you mentioned and it all requires different physic calculations then add night time and weather, graphics and frame rate. The ps3 is powerful, but not enough to do all this things. It's like they are trying to be jack of all traits master of none. That is why I'm more excited for Gt7 for ps4 which will be more capable of doing all of these features.
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PoSTedUP  +   774d ago
dont forget all at 1080p 60fps. and it obvioulsly Does do all of that on the ps3. really accurate rally physics, driving on wet, dirt, snow, ice, tarmac, drifting, and changes accordingly on each surface to how you adjust your car (toe angles, compression chambers, weight balance, torque displacement, suspension, plus a ton of other good stuff) its really hard to deny the greatness of this game. you can go on about how you dont like it or w/e you think you know, just remember their are probably 15m car enthusiast plus numerous professional racecar drivers/wrc drifters that woud disagree with you. obvioulsly they dont hold the title, are the biggest racng franchise, and have all that money put into research and deveopement for nothing... it's evident where the talent is and the game doesnt just speak for itself, eveyone also speaks for IT. not perfect, but close to it. and yeah i cant wai for gt7 on ps4.:P. p.s. you can youtube all of the different surface physics comparisions of in car cameras of the real thing compared to gt5, youll find some of them being damn near perfect, and others so close.
ambientFLIER  +   773d ago
postedup - yeah...except tech analysis showed GT6 has framerate problems and it's not true 1080P, it's something like 1440x1080.
clae1  +   774d ago
1080p sure, 60fps not solid dips alot which is very bad for simulation. Accurate rally physics? Says who? You? I've heard alot of good things about gt but not regarding rally, not even close to richard burns rally.
I'm not saying gt is not a good game, but do not claim it as the best racing game and bring turn10 into it as well. I have both games and neither is the best, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
15m copies were sold and bought the game but it does not equal to 15m car enthusiast just saying.
Research and development, they made changes but nothing revolutionary. In fact since gt4 nothing much has changed. You would think after all those years making the game and all the money you claim they have, still little to no damage, bumper car physics, lack of tuning and customization, engine sound same, standard car models.
ambientFLIER  +   773d ago
and it's not really true's only 1440x1080, not full rez.
boneso82  +   774d ago
Gutted I will probably never play this game, I have my PS4 preorder ready on launch day, 29th Nov, and I can't afford it without trading in my PS3 and all my games and accessories. This comes out a week later :( ah well, guess ill just wait for GT7...
MadSientist89  +   774d ago
"the most accurate handling ever" should add "In a Gran Turismo Game"
CGI-Quality  +   774d ago
Fair enough, but tell us, what driving game does handling better?
Fishy Fingers  +   774d ago
Lotus Challenge 2 on the Amiga of course.
neoMAXMLC  +   774d ago
Judging by his past comments, he's most likely going to say Forza 5. Which is pretty lulz worthy.
DOMination-  +   774d ago
Jaguar XJ220 was always better than the Lotus games imo! And it had weather and night time racing!
MadSientist89  +   774d ago
oh I duno ever heard of a game called Iracing? or Project Cars for starters.
CGI-Quality  +   774d ago
I have Project CARS (beta). The handling is NOT better than Gran Turismo. iRacing is close, but it also falls a tad short. I'm not talking physics, I said handling.
MaximusPrime_  +   774d ago
solidworm  +   774d ago
Really looking forward to them innovating on the ps4.
Yeah. If the game is as good as they say (although gt5 was great) then imagine how good gt7 is gonna be! Awesome! TURN10 can't even imagine making such a good game. I played farza 3 once. It was shit. Forza 4 was better but still not gran turismo level. Forza 5 is a little bit better than gt6. But gt6 is a current gen game and forza 5 next-gen:)
Fishy Fingers  +   774d ago
Yeah, I'm pretty sure playing it once was sufficient to make an informed decision.

Forza Forza Forza Forza Forza. Enough Forza mentions for this GT thread yet? No? FORZA!!
Excacly!! Can't agree more! They really have made me bored with all this forza thing. Gran Turismo was always better and it will always be. Forza is just not a GT type of game.
DigitalRaptor  +   774d ago
I'm really looking forward to GT6 - beautiful looking game - but none of this is in game.

@ Saul Goodman

No, these are extremely high-fidelity video renders. They don't represent the visual quality expected from the final game. We've been through this before with older trailers. Find me some gameplay footage that looks as good as this trailer.
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SaulGoodman  +   774d ago
Wow, you must have fallen out of the idiot oak tree and hit every branch going down. All of the footage was in game footage.
pete007  +   774d ago
i know about soni´s ingame footage. real gameplay will be the same for the past 15 years, menus the same, music the same oprah, classic style, online...... will be to sleep. and tyre noise.... oh that annoying tyre noise that keeps making me nightmares will sure be back as statted will be updated via a patch. and the same overhype as for all granflowrismos before. i still laugh after gt5s late release with the famous kaz yamauxi coming publicly appologises for the unfinished mess he just released.
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solidboss07  +   774d ago
No mate, he is absolutely correct, it won't look like that. Have you even played GT5? If GT6 was identicle visually to GT5 but without the frame rate issues then I would get it. As it is I am sure it will look cosiderably better than the previous game. No doubt that GT7 will look that good, hell, GT6 ported to PS4 would probably look identical to that trailer when freed from the shackles of mediocre hardware.
I can't wait to get GT6 for my PS3. They are doing things which Turd10 can't do with the XBone.
neoMAXMLC  +   774d ago
It's not in real time at least but everything in this trailer is definitely using in game assets. Give the game some more powerful hardware and I'm sure it would start looking much closer to this trailer. Can't wait for GT7. :)
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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   774d ago
That was a bad ass trailer!!! THE KING IS BACK!!!!
Vitalogy  +   774d ago
Was never out to me ;)
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chikane  +   774d ago
So i just saw a CGI Trailer and i'm to believe this is in-game graphics ???
CGI-Quality  +   774d ago
Quite comical that you try to write that off as CG.
LEOPARD1030  +   774d ago
My last PS3 game.
Kujii  +   774d ago
Can honestly not think of a better way to end the current generation.
skydragoonity  +   774d ago
This game looks better than forza 5
southernbanana  +   774d ago
???? Really??
TomahawkX  +   774d ago
I hope they release a demo, or have a free 2 play version. They would make a crap load of money going F2P.
Naga  +   774d ago
While I am all about Forza Motorsport, GT6 is undeniably sexy. It's pretty incredible that they are managing to pull this off with current gen hardware.
itisallaboutps  +   774d ago
I am a big gran turismo fan but I hate how they always put music over the engine sounds.

You are only as string as your weakest link kaz and that is the engine sounds. I didn't spend 600 on q steering wheel for nothing
Kujii  +   774d ago
Thanks Sony. You've given us the best year of games to end this current generation. What a way to end my time with PS3.
PAYNEinc85  +   774d ago
I wanna see gameplay
ZBlacktt  +   774d ago
I played this at PAX this summer. I also play F5 and Drive Club. All 3 looked very very very good in their own respective. But after playing and looking at for at least 30 mins or more on each game. This one looked the best overall. Which is surprising because it's on a PS3. I looked closely at everything from Car dash, wheels, environments, weather, handling, frame rate, textures, etc.
MRMagoo123  +   774d ago
Its kinda sad really when you think about it, this current gen tho games will still be coming out for the ps3 for a little while yet is finally winding down for the new generation of the ps4 to start, makes me a little sad though i am happy about getting a ps4 , its just been a very long and happy road with the ps3. I am gonna miss the lil guy.
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hellzsupernova  +   774d ago
I am not convinced. I bought gt5 great game but you could tell it wasn't quite there, hopefully this is the gt we deserve
cactusjack  +   774d ago
this game looks better than ryse, forza, and dead rising on xbone.
Welcome2Die  +   774d ago
lol you guys are forgetting that the PS3 still has a good 3 years left in its life before the next gen games really start showing up!
ATi_Elite  +   773d ago
I'm a big fan of Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec is still one of my most played games of all time.

BUT it's time to take a look at the competition because PD will need to step their game up for the PS4 version which I 100% sure they will.

and after watching this video PD has no choice but to step up their game which i'm sure they will.
Hicken  +   773d ago
If they're pulling off the stunning GT6 on the admittedly hard to develop for PS3, what makes you think they won't be bringing it when they move to the much more powerful and easier to work with PS4?
ATi_Elite  +   772d ago
What friggin part of:

"PD will need to step their game up for the PS4 version which I'm 100% sure they will. "

That you DID NOT understand?

I said I'm 100% sure they will step their game up.

Learn to read before RAGE disagreeing on any comment that doesn't drop down to it's knees and SUCKS SOny's Digital Interface Command Kinection.
Hicken  +   772d ago
lol, and you talk about rage.

If you're 100% certain they'll step their game up, and it's a given that they're going to, since they do every time, then what point is there is saying they need to?

That's the sort of thing you say when you DON'T think they'll pull it off, not when you DO. That you say you're sure they will every time you say they need to is a mixed message, almost as if you're trying to convince yourself.

Perhaps less redundancy and more clarity in your comments would help things.

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