Sony to launch online video service for PlayStation 3

Will the third time be the charm for Sony Corp.?

The company is attempting to stage a comeback in digital entertainment distribution.

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theKiller3862d ago

am looking forward for PSN, i never played online games before but it seems when i get a ps3 this will change!

godofthunder103862d ago

i like all the system but i don't understand SOME ps3 fans.When the 360 started it they said that it wouldn't work,it takes to long to download,dd isn't hurting movie sales.Well since the ps3 will have just about what the 360 has,all of a sudden it's a good thing and they can't wait to have it.this proves what i've been saying all along,when the 360 has something that the ps3 doesn't have (including games) it isn't any good and they are glad that it's not on the ps3 and vice vers with 360 fanboys but as soon as it is on their system it's a great thing to have or a great game and it's childish and it's what a hypercrit does.Dd is the reason that dvd sales been dropping off the last few years,even before br hit the market.When i posted an article saying that dd is starting to hurt movie sales ps3 fanboys call me stupid,retarded and i don't know what i'm talking about and i need to be in a nut house(childish isn't it),well sony is starting to talk about it to so even if people don't want to admit it,microsoft was right when they said that the next big thing will be dd and it is starting to show.i'm a movie collector with over 1000 dvds and just like a lot of people i like to buy the dvd and have it in my hand but the majority of the people think different.i'm the only person in my family including my inlaws that buy movies,some of them even said that it's a wast of money to buy a movie and watch it once when they could rent it for a few dollars.

solidt123862d ago

Great news. The only thing i use xbox live for now is to download a movie on those boring nights and know that Sony is getting the service I won't need to do that as much. Hopefully they won't charge too much and will let you watch the film for more than 24 hours. This is my only problem with the live movie download service. You pay about $5 bucks to watch a movie for one day.

theKiller3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

there is a different when u say: we have DD and HD physical media format and between saying: we have DD only and thats all what u need!
and dont forget there is many fanboys in this place so dont take things so serious!

and yes DD is taking huge shares from DVD market but not the one that u pay for, i mean the the one taking the is torrents movies(axxo,avi,DVDrips etc)

rushbd3862d ago

DLC cant replace disk media. But it can co-exist easily .

Sayai jin3862d ago

@ rushbd - I have been saying that for sometime now. You will see a relationshp similiar to CD's and MP3's.

uie4rhig3861d ago

unless this is going to be free, it will not work (saying it yet again, as i said it last time when the MS launched this service for XBL).. why? there is a program that uses Peer 2 Peer, and is free, infact there are multiple programs that do the same. these programs get information using one small file.. i think the extension of these files was .torrent? am i right? i guess soo

anyway.. i wonder how many movies have been bought on XBL since start of the service, i bet it hasn't surpassed 1million downloads!!

Glad to be a gamer3861d ago

Ive been using the live counter part 4 a while now and think its a great addition and alot less hassle cp to renting from Blockbusters. The cost is reasonable 4 SD [250 point] but HD is exspensive at 500-600 points for new releases. but i suppose it would cost the same renting physical media, but still.

Play tv looks very interesting 2 but i wonder when they will arrive?

after the home debacle i can't say im holding my breath. guess it will be released when its ready.

Amnesiac3861d ago

You can't even spell hypocrite. STFU

Spydr073861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Oh, leave Mr. One Bubble alone. He's probably too big of a fanboy to think that maybe burning rented movies (AnyDVD anyone?) probably has a bigger impact on DVD sales than DD does. I'm sure Netflix/Blockbuster's online service have a part in it as well. I guess the fanboy in him controls the reasoning part in his brain.

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PirateThom3862d ago

If you like discs, you've got blu-ray
If you like downloads, you've got digital distribution.

Sony are covering everything, Microsoft refuse to have a Blu-ray drive.

uie4rhig3861d ago

correction: "If you like downloads, there are computers with websites such as TPB, torrentz"


power of Green 3862d ago

PS3 looking more and more like the 360 every day. Sony needs some of their own ideas. Its no wonder MSFT doesn't talk too much about whats coming although I'm going to assume this is a pre response if you will to whatever MSFT is coming up with soon that was released earily.

yanikins1113862d ago

Sony have a console they are billing as a home entertainment system, just like MS. Except if my home entertainment system rrod'd every time i left it downloading over night, id throw it in the f#cking bin.

wAtdaFck3862d ago

It wasn't too long ago when the 360 adopted HDMI, 1080p, and an HD Movie format (which it doesn't have anymore).

And the PS3 is never going to look like the 360 'more and more' everyday. I'd say that both consoles are starting to look like each other more and more, in the good side of things. Like online.

ScottEFresh3862d ago

"it wasn't too long ago when the 360 adopted HDMI, 1080p, and an HD Movie format"

PoG - pwned

Ali_The_Brit3862d ago

if it wasnt for playstation 2 the original xbox would never have been made, not even u POG can deny this. pffft talk about originality

will113861d ago

all i know is the 360 sucks, also it fails, i calculated the RROD number and on average 75,000 xboxs get the RROD a week...

On average the ps3 fails is 3 a month...

PS3 OWNS, please give me bubbles

Solid_Snake6663861d ago

yeah thats why thy tried to copy little big planet microsoft got noting besides Halo and Gears...

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yanikins1113862d ago

Really prepped for this with the expandable hard drive thing.

I hope they put add's on the tv shows. I dont want to pay for them, but it would be cool to be able to stream the latest US ep of heroes or something. Its not something id pay for but i'd prefer it in hd or 720 on my ps3 than illegally over bit torrent. Atleast the studios would get some cash for it. Even better, they should make it multi region. Alot of shows dont make it down here unless you have cable, so it would be cool for us sci-fi geeks to be able to watch BSG without staying up until 11:30 at night.

LSDARBY3862d ago

Cant wait but no doubt europe will get it in like 2 years time.

Close_Second3862d ago

...try living in New Zealand. Xbox Live Video Marketplace still has not hit here yet so I dare say Sony will be 2-3 years away with their on-line video service.

However, I'm really looking forward to PlayTV. That to me is a big win item for Sony.