I'd struggle to make a game for less than $50 million, says Jones

Realtime Worlds boss David Jones, brainchild of iconic titles such as Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto and last year's BAFTA-winning Crackdown, has told that the cost of creating high quality original games with strong, new IP has skyrocketed to the point where he'd find it hard to spend less than USD 50 million on a title.

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Capt CHAOS3862d ago

I'd struggle to get out of bed for $50 million.

I know that's what I wish I was in a position to say. ;-)

Shadow Flare3862d ago

Make a full game? Some developers are just creating a bit of add-on content for $50 million

Skerj3862d ago

Wonder where the hell all the money is going. ..

ChefDejon3862d ago

some of that 50 million was for it to go multiplatform

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