Battlefield 4 Beta (PS3) Hands-On - J Station X

With EA’s premier shooter preparing to go toe to toe with Activision’s finest next month, we’ve taken to the Battlefield 4 beta on PS3 to test the game out.

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mewhy321592d ago

Ive played this on the 360 and it wasn't nearly as good as bf3 imo. Now granted it was cool that you could knock down the skyscraper, and base jump but I still like bf3 better.

no_more_trolling1592d ago

its a beta
chill out with your one bubble

HeavenlySnipes1592d ago

I heavily agree with him

I have premium so I got in early, deleted the beta a week ago.

Battlefield 3 plays far better than this (at least on this gen). I don't see any reason to "upgrade" unless you're playing on PC or the next gen consoles

solidworm1592d ago

Its a beta...its meant to look and play like shit and it does.

nooneknows1592d ago

I am impressed. Its only on BETA anyways, no one should overreact.

pinkyxyz1592d ago

damn i still havent even tried the beta yet

Pillsbury11592d ago

Beta reminds me of ps2 days.

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