Q&A: Insomniac's Mike Acton

That a triple-A games studio would start sharing presentations and resources that it created when getting to grips with the PS3 is surprising, but that it would then start sharing code as well is unprecedented. Develop caught up with Mike Acton, Insomniac's engine director, to discuss the initiative in depth.

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jkhan3862d ago

Insomniac's are bunch of really nice lads. They work hard and produce excellent quality games every year. Plus the share there knowledge with others so that great games can be made on the PS3. I think people at Sony will or still do realize the fact that Insomniac are one of the best developers they have.

princejb1343862d ago

insomniac is great
not even do they have high quality games but they are very respected as the studio who is willing to develop only for the ps3 so far without any complains
i believe they should be respected by every other gaming studio out there and should be looked up 2 them
unlike EA cough* cough*

Qbanboi3862d ago

Yeah man, i think insomnia and naughtydog are what a good developer should look like, but then comes Bungie and make Halo3 and they get the GOTY for best Developer. WTH is with that?

shine13963862d ago

if anybody could answer back ps3 hardware critics, I would have to say, it'd be Insomniac...that was a pretty good article...and I'm still amazed at how an independent studio makes a AAA game every year..their into their third game...jeez...of all the studios this gen,no matter what platform, insomniac's impressed me the most...thier launch game was a new ip whilst stepping into a new console and a completely different genre...

ruibing3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

"What I've always said is that bad code, and bad data design in particular, is bad on any architecture, but it's particularly bad on the PS3 because the Cell is a much more modern, much more heterogeneous design."

There are so many bad developers out.

"People didn't survive, and they b1tched, but you have to do it because the world changes."

Skerj3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

"Let the games stand on their own, but let's share the tech, let's share as much information as possible with each other and work together to make the better games for everybody."

Why couldn't every dev have that viewpoint, these petty fanboy wars, crappy ports, and mediocre games wouldn't exist.

ukilnme3862d ago

I'm glad that their success has not gone to their heads and that they are willing to help other developers get the most out of the PS3.

Palodios3862d ago

Some people didn't survive the tradition from 2D to 3D huh? I wonder if Valve will make it through Paralel Processing....

GutZ313862d ago

Lol, your quite right about that, as there genius at making compelling games is unquestionable, they do suck at developing outside of the "PC" frame work, and that shows a lake of even wanting to learn new things.

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The story is too old to be commented.