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God of War: Ascension PSN Download Requires 80GB of Free Space, More Than GTA V & The Last of Us

PSLS: We reached out to Sony about God of War: Ascension and they further confirmed that you’ll need at least 80GB of free space for the 36GB file. (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

TrendyGamers  +   432d ago
Benjammin25  +   432d ago
If games keep increasing in size like this, we can forget about a digital only future. 36 Gigs? That's more than a lot of people's download limit per month.
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0ut1awed  +   432d ago
It's catching up though man. The 1 gbps fiber is supposed to be exploding over the US by 2015.

80gb would take around 10 minutes on one of those connections.

On another note, why are PS3 games so freaking big??? I don't even have a PC game installed that takes up more than 35gb.

I'm guessing the 50gb of bluray space leads to devs not worrying about compression?
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mewhy32  +   432d ago
That's a massive download. The textures must be huge.
0ut1awed  +   432d ago
I guess because it's N4G and I mentioned a comparison between the PS3 and PC everyone takes it out of context and immediately disagrees with me.

Relax, I was simply wondering why the difference between the game sizes.
arjman  +   432d ago
It's most likely HD video and audio
nukeitall  +   432d ago
This doesn't explain why you need twice the space i.e. 72GB just to play a game that is only 36GB?

This is completely backwards and makes no sense.

Somebody explain?
Allsystemgamer  +   432d ago

It's not the speed. It's the BANDWIDTH LIMIT. I only have 120gigs a month. Digital only is not possible for me.
fenome  +   432d ago

for some reason you have to have the download file and the install file at the same time which double it up or something, but then after it's done installing you get the space back on your hard drive.. So you only need twice the space for the initial download and install.

I don't really know much about this kinda stuff, but it goes something like that. I always wondered about that too
0ut1awed  +   431d ago

If you think they will give you a 1gbps connection with anything less than a 1tb cap, you are highly mistaken. The companies that are actually rolling out the services as of now (aka google and others) aren't even enforcing data caps. They realize how hypocritical it would be to do so while offering the fastest internet around.

Data caps will soon be in the past, hopefully along with the current greedy ISPs.

I really don't understand why everyone is disagreeing with me. Do some research on fiber connections and their foreseeable future. It's pretty obvious it will be rolled out in major parts across all 50 states within the next two years.

It's coming. I would think gamers would consider it a blessing, no?

Also the title is misleading. I think 36gb is the install file and therefore all you actually downlaod. The remaining part of the 80gb is what is installed from the download. I also amuse you can delete the 36gb install file afterwards.
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TheTwelve  +   432d ago
No wonder why it wasn't Day One Digital. O.o
doctorstrange  +   432d ago
Holy bat babies
Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
Holy hard drive space batman.
Pandamobile  +   432d ago
Lol, wow...
Enemy  +   432d ago
Lol wtf.
trickman888  +   432d ago
yeah....not gonna waste time downloading a game that in all honesty, isn't really that great and is worse than Gow2 and GoW 3.
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Chrono  +   432d ago
Download is 36GB, you need twice the space because you will install it.
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Roccetarius  +   432d ago
How in the frozen hell can this be that big? I mean, more intense games require less than this.
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Chrono  +   432d ago
Sony's disc only games are big because they were made for 50GB blu-ray, therefore they didn't need to compress them much.
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Death  +   432d ago
The file size is big due to redundant data. This is senseless for a digital install. MGS weighed in at 50gigs on the disc and only 9 when installed completely to the HDD.
deadfrag  +   432d ago
i really dont get people that disagree with you,by speaking truth!
hollabox  +   432d ago
With PS3 games filling up Blu Rays and Hard drives I wonder what the hard drive space will be required for next gen high end digital downloads? And people think going all digital is a great idea with next gen consoles pushing a handful of PC ports up to 50 GBs install files with 6 GBs of RAM minimum.
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Section8  +   432d ago
The PS4 base model comes with a 500GB HDD and so does the xbox. But at least with the PS4, you can still upgrade the HDD. And it's kind of hard to push all digital if you can't upgrade your HDD.
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hollabox  +   432d ago
Or I can just buy physical copies, trade the games in when I'm done to get some money back and not have to worry about HD size.
The 500 GB HDs will probably be more or less 400-465 GBs for both consoles after conversion and bloat ware. Any who if I'm not mistaken XB1 will support external HD at some point after launch via USB like the X360. So rather its internal or external for customers going all digital its good to have the option for both.

Besides going digital is just another form of DRM. You can't trade your digital copy in or share it with your friends without signing into your account. If consoles gamers are so into digital games, why in the hel did people complain about MS DRM policies? Its the same thing, I have games on Steam I don't play but can't rid of, same with my PSN, and Xbox Arcade. Good lord with IPS capping internet connections or at least mines (250 GB AT&T)I can only download about 5 50 GBs plus games if I did nothing else.
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Section8  +   430d ago

After launch? It should have it already if it has USB ports. The PS3 can but has to be FAT32 format and can only use a maximum of 32GB on said HDD. I'm a physical copy guy myself but if they want the future to be all digital, then you don't put in a non-upgradable HDD. I picked up a 2TB HDD from amazon for $160 CDN. It is a 2.5" SATA drive.
pyramidshead  +   432d ago
jebus, long live discs! #teamretail
maniacmayhem  +   432d ago
That is insane right there.
Crossbones  +   432d ago
Now we know why they didn't want to release it on the PSN.
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pwnsause_returns  +   432d ago
thats why games like MGS4 are not available on PSN.

but....with the requirement that PS4 Digital Games will launch alongside their disc versions, we are going to see this more and more...

i think it has to do more with compression.
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Nykamari  +   431d ago
You need more bubbles!!!!
Eldyraen  +   432d ago
I love way PS does things. Its a great console but downloads and installs on it blow chunks. Hopefully PS4 follows 360's lead as removes a lot of wasted steps. Minor complaint in long run but totally sucks.
tracyllrkn  +   432d ago
The PS4 and X1 will be the same having the play as you download feature. So I don't really think downloading games in terms of speed will be a problem.
givemeshelter  +   432d ago
Ok... That's retarded
My_precious  +   432d ago
i think this game will soon to become a part of ICG that why they put it in the PSN

and if this true does that mean the new santa monica game will be announce soon?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   432d ago
I don't exactly see how that correlates (well, a I do a little), but SSM's games typically come out in March. I don't think we'll be hearing about a SSM game until mid-2014, with a March 2015 release.
Bolts  +   432d ago
My god these console games are full of bloat. It's like they don't bother with compression at all.
Hicken  +   430d ago
Well, there was no need for compression on Blu Ray, so...
DigitalRaptor  +   432d ago
Dayum. I really hope 1TB+ SATA drives can be installed in the PS4.
specialguest  +   432d ago
Heavens to murgatroyd! Still got my original 60gb ps3. Doesn't matter since I prefer disc based anyway.
This why all console should support external HDD's. you could hook up a 1tb-3tb desktop HDD w/usb 3.0 for future proofing & and never think about HDD space again, and all that for $100, or less.

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