Are we about to get fooled again by NBA Live 14?

Myself, Jay Malone, writes: "The story of EA Sports and their failing basketball franchise is one that is well known within the games industry. It’s developed to the point where it was becoming the butt of many jokes, “when’s the new NBA Live/Elite coming out?” “Never.” As you can tell, my sense of humor is quite diverse and filled with comedic joy. But this year was supposed to be the year that Electronic Arts would change all of that, they’d reboot the franchise and make us all forget about the debacle that was NBA Elite. Unfortunately, as the release date NBA Live 14 nears closer and closer, it’s beginning to look like we may be partaking in the same old song and dance."

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NYC_Gamer1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

NBA Live 14 needs to be good so 2K could some type of competition in the basketball market

gedden71684d ago

Agreed BUT that 5 seconds kinda blew me away visually... Any EA sports next gen game has yet to do so..

MWong1684d ago

Most EA games are visually beautiful. Some just lack the gameplay to back up the visuals.

gedden71684d ago

@MWong They are visually petty only in images but once they start moving, IDK..

buckley1684d ago

Yeah right now 2K seems to be just standing alone

badboy7761683d ago

NFL 2K!!!!!!!

That's all I want.

gedden71684d ago

People are already fooled by Live.. A good amount of gamers who play NBA 2k had to because EA was too incompetent to create a valid entry of Live compared to NBA 2k. So they're people who actually miss this crap shoot of a game. People already are liking the plastic slinky look of NBA live nex gen.. I don't get it but hey I'm not brain dead like those fans.. I consider myself to be SUPER objective. Simulation games HAVE to LOOK and MOVE realistic. The more realistic the better. OF course the gameplay HAS to be ON PAR with the visuals but I don't even think EA can handle that part of it as well..

davidrobots1684d ago

Competition can only help them both get better, so I hope NBA Live comes out swinging. Otherwise 2K's going to keep its crown.

Minute Man 7211684d ago

Need a demo day 1 PS4 launch before deciding if picking up

davidrobots1684d ago

It would go a long way to proving that NBA Live deserves to exist.

heliumhead20301684d ago

I honestly think so. what they have showed honestly didn't look That great
To begin with, especially after seeing the gameplay clips and screens of 2k14.

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The story is too old to be commented.