Roman tablet? Why Ryse's use of SmartGlass on Xbox One is "natural" - not a gimmick

OXM:It's taken me a while to warm up to Ryse: Son of Rome's Xbox One SmartGlass features. I like how they work on paper, but they seem troublingly out of synch with the game's fiction - how are players supposed to feel steeped in that lush barbaric world, if you're going to urge them to pull out a smartphone or tablet? But I'm perhaps being over-sensitive - as is my wont - and at the end of the day, Ryse's SmartGlass features are optional. Here's a little chat with Justin Robey, Microsoft's senior producer, about how Crytek and the manufacturer have made those touchy-feely auxiliary mechanisms feel like a natural extension of the game.

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Gozer1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I might have to invest in a smartglass tablet. A lot of games for X1 seem to be getting cool apps for it. Would really like to have the BF4 and Madden 25 apps, they both seem very useful.

Have you seen the Madden 25 app? It essentially give you a bunch of stats from the game you are playing. The stats pertain to what the other team is doing offensively, and lets you use those stats to call defensive plays. To me, something like that would be a very handy tool to have and definitely provide an advantage.

iamnsuperman1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

The way you worded that makes it seem that you need a specific "smartglass tablet" when it is any tablet with the smartglass app.

OT: I wouldn't say this is gimmicky nor would I call it natural. Pointless to a larger extent unless you love statistics and forum stuff (which is what this sounds like. Website stuff). Not saying that is bad as it is always nice to have options to do these kinds of things but I would say it was "natural extension" as it doesn't really expand the gaming that is done on the Xbox One.

I would use that term for something like an RTS/Ryse hybrid which uses the tablet as a way to move troops and formations

thrust1804d ago

The smartglass app is good now so am really looking forwards to the update.

Ashes2Ashes1804d ago

Yes as some have stated below most smart phones and tablets allow you to use smart glass. I use it on my HTC One phone and Galaxy tablet. On Xbox 360 it has some cool features but nothing mind blowing.

These new ones working with the Xbox One look like the real deal.

Bigpappy1804d ago

What would be really cool, is if these apps could run on the small split screen on the same X1. so I can just glance over there rather than picking up a second device. I think this is what will eventually happen, since X1 has win8 RT as a second OS.

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SnakeCQC1804d ago

this was originally a kinect 2.0 game kinect 1.0 didnt work at all for the most part and i dont have faith in kinect 2.0 or other broken stuff ms sends my way

SnakeCQC1802d ago

i guess you never tried any kinect games like steel battalion etc

Wikkid6661804d ago

This was originally Kinect game for 360... not Xbox One.

mewhy321804d ago ShowReplies(1)
gedden71804d ago

This screams gimmick.. if it was a real feature you would have to use it..

If it wasn't for Nintendo Wii U or the PS Vita they would have never thought to try to do this..

Total gimmick..

HugoDrax1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


"This screams gimmick.. if it was a real feature you would have to use it..

If it wasn't for Nintendo Wii U or the PS Vita they would have never thought to try to do this..

Total gimmick.."

Seriously? By your logic that's equivalent to saying

-"if it wasn't for Microsoft achievements, Sony would have never thought to have trophies"

-"If it wasn't for XBOX Live, Sony nor Nintendo would have thought to try online gaming"

Damn man! someone has to lead the way for innovation. Without competition, there would be little innovation. Yet this screams gimmick because it's Microsoft. You should lose a few of your bubbles for that statement lol.

Then you mention " If it was a real feature you would have to use it"

A real feature? What defines a real feature? Please elaborate for N4G on what a real feature is?

gedden71804d ago

So yeah you were born yesterday...

The first gaming machine to do online gaming was the dreamcast btw..

Yes, Yes I do think that when one game company is successful with a new feature other copy it.

My statement about that doesn't mean that its a gimmick. Its a gimmick because they made that a feature with smart glass just because of other companies and not because it was/is successful.

Screams gimmicks..

You want more? Okay..

Then you mention " If it was a real feature you would have to use it"

Yes you would have to use it, meaning the smart glass feature would make the game better and deeper and offer something unique. Not to mention actual gameplay mechanics.

Too many gamers forget that innovation isn't just about better tech. Both MS and Sony's gaming divisions are barely making profits because of this. They rather cram all types of tech down your throats instead of trying to stand apart from one another. FYI

HugoDrax1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

"So yeah you were born yesterday?"

Oh really! So you're wrong, actually it was the SNES/Genesis that had online gaming first. It was a modem called XBAND, I know I had one. Along with Sega Channel through my cable provider, which is being copied by who now? Sony with Gaikai, see innovation isn't just about tech...

Second, Their internet service was called Sega Net, which I only played Phantasy Star, NFL/NBA 2K on there. I didn't say Microsoft started online gaming, but the XBOX LIVE service was the first successful online service to provide a great online gaming experience. Which in turn showed other competitors online gaming is ready for the masses. Just like the Wii provided the first good home console motion gaming experience.

We're not going to have a debate about who's right and wrong, simply because opinion is opinion. FYI I just had to inform you of what type of gamer you're replying to. One who purchased a PLAYSTATION 1 at launch, PS2, PS3, SNES, N64, XBOX, X360 at launch, SEGA CD, PS2, Jaguar, etc...Shit I'm going to own a PS4 and XB1 at launch....I could ramble on and on about my gaming knowledge and how many consoles I owned at launch, but it won't matter to you I'm sure.

Just thought you should retract your statement about someone being born yesterday. I'm apart of the Nintendo Generation, 80's baby who was fortunate enough to get everything I asked for which is why I had every console I wanted at launch. Back when I spent Fridays at the Arcades playing Ridge Racer, Soul Edge, X-men vs Street Fighter, X-men children of the atom etc...

Anyhow, happy gaming..back to GTAV Online

MightyNoX1804d ago

Pfffftt...hahaahaha *walks away*

DigitalRaptor1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Why would you play a console game with a tablet sat next to you to use when you can just bring up an options menu with your controller?? Like Kinect, it's just being different, for difference's sake rather than any real justification. Sounds like gimmick to me.

So you're playing an action/adventure game, and you're required to put down your controller, pick up the tablet, do something on there, then put that down, then pick up the controller. Rinse, repeat. This is where I feel Nintendo made good progress with the Wii U controller as being a combination of the two.

The only justification i can see for this functionality is if you're playing with another person in the room, who wants to be a part of the experience. Kinda.

HugoDrax1804d ago

Paragraph one your statement reads.....

"It's just being different, for difference sake rather than any real justification"

Then the last paragraph your statement reads.......

"The only justification I can see....."

So which is it? Either the feature is justified or it isn't. You contradicted yourself, and sound like a fanboy with statements as

"Like KINECT it's just being different"

What's wrong with differentiating yourself from the competition?

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