MMO developer working on Wii-exclusive title ?

GoNintendo writes: "Wow, this could be some very big news. Reader HeroOfLegend stumbled upon a GamaSutra job posting for Stray Bullet Games. The listing stays that they are working on a Wii project. That's great news, but what's the big deal? Well, SBG is known for their MMO (massively multiplayer online) titles. Could this company really be trying to tackle an MMO experience on the Wii?"

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PS360WII3866d ago

fun stuff hope to hear more about it soon

BrianC62343866d ago

Since when do eight year olds play MMOs? If this is true it sure is dumb. But who cares? It won't sell. The Wii is just a toy.

Mr Marbles3866d ago

seriously does anyone really care about the pii ?

It sells because people who don't know any better think it's cool.

Its like the green movement, people just do it because it's hip, they don't even know what they are actually buying into.

PS360WII3866d ago

you got it backwards Mr Marbles. People who do know better think it's cool ^^

ngg123453866d ago

In order to play this mmo...

Polluted3866d ago

That's cool and all, but does anyone know what mmo's these guys have made in the past?

3866d ago