Telltale Will Share 'Big News' on 'The Walking Dead: Season Two' This Month

8CN: Almost a year after Season One concluded, Telltale is teasing some "big news" for the next installment of their Walking Dead episodic game series. Check out the tweet below.

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dids1802d ago

season 2 is due out oct/november this year is it not?either way i cannot wait for this 2nd season to start.

matrixman921802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

really hope this goes next gen..i will not be picking up the wolf among us because i will be on next gen while the episodes are still coming out. I also really hope they dont make you play on the same console, or same brand(360 to xbone, ps3 to ps4). I got season 1 and the dlc on 360, but am switching to ps4. i wonder how choices will transfer

DarkBlood1802d ago

i dont think the choices are going to transfer over if your thinking what i think you are.

it is for sure only to be played on this generation consoles with what i assume will use the save file to determine choices or not.

As Far as i know it may be one of the best games among us but pretty sure they dont have the budget to make it for next gen and even so i bet they wouldnt bother anyways