Amazon UK Reveals Top 10 Best Selling Games

Angie Santiago from SpawnFirst reports: "This year marks the 15th year that Amazon UK has been up and running. In honor of this momentous occasion, they have released the top 10 lists of a multitude of categories ranging from music, to books, to video games. Struck by curiosity, although half expecting to know which game would be dominant, the results weren’t as surprising as I had anticipated. "

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shadowmist131735d ago

Cod,gta,FIFA,skyrim,zumba fitness...wait!,zumba fitness?,nobody i know would buy it hahaha,gta and skyrim deserves that spots.

caseh1735d ago

'wait!,zumba fitness?,nobody i know would buy it'

I did, for the Mrs last Christmas. :)

EvilFluff911735d ago

Talk about variety *Sigh*..........I weep for us Brits.