In conversation with DICE’s Patrick Bach – what’s new in Battlefield 4?

Edge:DICE is much, much more than ‘the Battlefield studio’ these days. A Mirror’s Edge sequel, plus a fleeting glimpse of the next Star Wars: Battlefront game were among E3′s most electrifying reveals, a stunning one-two punch from the Stockholm studio that shows how much its parent company EA trusts, treasures – and invests – in its output. DICE’s Frostbite engine will power several other cherished series, from Need For Speed through Dragon Age to the next Mass Effect, too.

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ifritAlkhemyst1802d ago

Not much, from the looks of things.

KwietStorm1802d ago

Yea the guns aren't new. The multitude of accessories and related mechanics aren't new. The field upgrades aren't new either. Levolution apparently been done before. The new modes aren't new. The new vehicles most certainly aren't new. Nope.

ifritAlkhemyst1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

@ Kwiet: You've put new guns and more destructible environments into my Battlefield game!? I never would have seen that coming. Genius!

Mercy me, how did I miss all of this innovation?

@ venom: 60 FPS and 64 man servers? I guess you're a console player. Nothing wrong with that, but 60 FPS is nothing new.

KwietStorm1802d ago

Yes! Let's cherry pick just a couple things so I can still stand by my far left argument and be correct! How unique!

venom061802d ago

wow... either your blind or brain-dead.... from the 60FPS, to the 64man servers, to the new sqaud class systems, to the TRUE commander mode, to the new destruction mechanics, to the pltherora of weapons and gadgets, etc, etc, etc (could go on and on but you get the picture)...

webeblazing1802d ago

didn't they have this before

xHoii1802d ago

True innovation..
No seriously, 64 players etc might be new for consoles but what changed for pc gamers?
Please don't tell me the new guns, and leveloution are enough, oh and don't talk about the mechanics, from the beta I don't realise a huge difference between BF4 and BF3.. I mean everyone complains at COD but guess who's now following, seriously DICE even changed the default stick layouts and added ones exactly the same as COD.. Pfft it's bf3.5 please stop defending it like your married to it.. she's still the same b****, she just put on some make up.

xHoii1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Double post. Sorry.

iRocket1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Battlefield 4 feels like a new game to most console gamers, that now get to enjoy 64 players with 60 FPS, which is good for them! I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

But for us PC gamers, we have seen most of this before, in BF3. Commander was in BF2, so it isn't that new. New guns and vehicles are granted. This is more like "FIFA 13 -> FIFA 14". Maybe with more new features than a football game update. It's pretty easy to come to the conclusion that BF4 = BF3.5. But we have only seen two maps to be played on (some other maps only briefly). But Battlefield is usually great quality all around and a very enjoyable shooter. Now I kinda wish that I had saved the money from BF3 and it's premium to BF4 + Premium, because this one is pretty much better in every way.

venom061802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

yeah, but that Commander mode in BF2 was pretty much rubbish.. and that's been confirmed by the developers.. Actually, when you think about it, staying "true Battlefield to the core" is the most important thing and you dont want to mess with that formula by doing abunch of gimmicky CoD type crap... Stay true to the core Battlefield experience, do new things, but nothing too off the wall to destroy the franchise...

Battlefield doesn't have the luxury of haphazardly experiementing as they are always the underdog in the "Cod Vs BF" review fight... Cod fanboy sites like IGN would crucify them if they went too far from the norm, with stupid responses like, "this isn't the true Battlefield experience" (they did this with Close Quarters) or they'll crucify them if they stay too much the same, (yet, they universally praised MW3 and that was the worse copy and paste job in video game history). They have a delicate line to walk when it comes to doing "new" stuff when it comes to the CoDilistic fanboy review site like IGN, but everything that they added, changed, or made better is making BF4 look like a great addition to the series...