David Hayter teasing a new game?

David Hayter says on twitter: "Announcing a new game today..."
Wonder what this could be?

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Iltapalanyymi1764d ago

What the fug could this be seriously?

I hope it is a REAL and BIG game and nothing small.

Eamon1764d ago

Good to hear! Wish he was back for MGS5 though.

NarooN1764d ago

Metal Gear Solid: Nanos of the Machines

PS Vita Exclusive, Q3 2014.

pompombrum1764d ago

Didn't he technically burn that bridge by comparing Keifer to new coke?

Jdoki1764d ago

I backed this game, The Long Dark, a while ago on Kickstarter and they announced Hayter joined today.

OlG1764d ago

So why does the company making this game (called Hinterland, a German name for a Canadian company) have a FOX as a logo? Any ideas?