3 Reasons Why This Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Trailer is a Big Deal

Gary Swaby from The Koalition writes: "Square Enix today released an extended look at the gameplay for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The video (above) is narrated by game design director Yuji Abe and it takes place in the open spaces of The Wildlands. To many, this may seem like every other Final Fantasy game in recent times. But there some key features in this game that I consider to be a big deal. The fact that these features are in this game shows that Square Enix is clearly listening to fans and giving us what we want. I believe we'll be in for a treat within the next few years, especially once we receive Final Fantasy XV. For now, let me explain why I found this video to be a big deal."

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j-blaze1678d ago

love it! this is what XIII should have been from the very beginning

SwiffEpics1678d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself.

DTxx1678d ago

Cant wait. 2 reasons i wont be selling my 360 when i get xbox one are 1 i still have a back log of games to play and 2 this game. Huge FF fan i cant wait to complete my trilogy.