Penny Arcade cocreator talks indie games, Microsoft with Ars

"When we decided to launch all the versions simultaneously, Microsoft worked with us to remove as many roadblocks as possible with their processes to ensure the game could be released as close to our original intended date as possible.

"We went into it saying 'This is our game, and if they don't want it or they want us to change it, then we'll just forget about the Xbox'," he explained to Ars. "The truth is that Microsoft did want it, and they didn't want to change it at all, so there was really no problem. Working with them has actually been pretty painless" writes Ben Kuchera.

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Harry1903893d ago

game looks really ugly.

wow4u3893d ago

I rather like the art style. Stylized and unique.

Lets see how the story/gameplay comes out.

Richdad3893d ago

Arcade game by a samll dev maybe he grow up later into ahuge studio and give surprises.