Killzone Shadow Fall : Presenting the Support Class

GG: The primary ability of the Support Class is the Revive Drone, which deploys a hovering medical robot that can resuscitate critically wounded comrades. Dying team mates who accept medical treatment and are successfully revived will receive full health with additional ammo and a temporary 25% health boost. They also avoid losing a life and having to start over from the spawn point – which can make all the difference during intense matches, particularly in custom Warzones with limited lives turned on.

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sigfredod1614d ago

very useful, i will keep one on my squad always

NewMonday1614d ago

will start with this one

Bolts1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

This class have way too many abilities and the teleport ability is pure cheese. This is the problem with Killzone, the devs tend to throw in the kitchen sink just to check every feature box instead of carefully crafting gameplay.

I still haven't forgotten about the moronic assault rocket launcher spam fest. God I hope that isn't in the game anymore.

Rezka1614d ago

Sounds very promising

SmokingMonkey1614d ago

Best next gen console game coming out this November, can't wait.

Im loving mercenary, will be on this, day one.

LEOPARD10301614d ago

A very interesting class with great abilities ( drone, Turret, teleport ). I like the Helghast design.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1614d ago

This is the class I was waiting to hear more about.

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