The best Xbox One bundles - must-have game, Xbox Gold and accessory deals

OXM UK - "Wondering where to buy your next Xbox? You've come to the right place. Here's a not-so-little list of all the best Xbox One game and accessory bundles we know about, which I'll update as and when new deals, offers, bargains or what-have-you arise."

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dirigiblebill1594d ago

It's kind of odd to see a retailer like Toys R Us leading the way for console discounts :D

christocolus1594d ago

people are going to be broke come and ms are out for our

hankmoody1594d ago

That's why I'm holding off on the PS4 for a while.

dirigiblebill1594d ago

I'll wait till January, when the sales start to hit. The only must-haves on my radar are Titanfall, Destiny and Rime, which aren't out for a while (not sure about Rime, though).

christocolus1594d ago

same here...getting it once infamous is out.

mhunterjr1594d ago

Yeah I'll probably get my ps4 when infamous drops, and get my Xbox one now.

BigShotSmoov0071594d ago

I'm sure you should be able to find one cause Sony isn't even launching in Asia until 2014 just so they can swamped the market in North America. They really going hard here in N.A. just to make sure they outsell MS here so they'll probably be shipping alot of PS4's between Nov 15 and right around Christmas.

Kingthrash3601594d ago

im holdin off on xb1 for awhile titanfall is a monster of a game i gotta see it running on xbox instead of pc tho. so ill hold out n get ps4 day1. my entertainment system will look sexy when i have the complete next gen collection in it. great time 2 be a gamer.

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BigShotSmoov0071594d ago

Tell me about it. I was going to get both systems but I choose to just get the X1 cause the launch titles are more appealing to me. I'll definitely pick up the PS4 by Feb. This holiday is going to be great for us gamers.

CRAIG6671594d ago

Same, although I might still pick up my PS4 before xmas if I can find one and I feel I will find time between playing KI and F5...

hankmoody1594d ago

Totally with you on that note but I'm waiting for the PS4 to get that one game that screams BUY THIS SYSTEM NOW before I take the plunge. I thought Deep Down would've been it but the news on that title seems a little negative.

christocolus1594d ago

greatness awaits no matter what console you buy..its definitly xbx one at launch though..cant miss dr3 and ryse....the launch of infamous will finally push me to get the ps4...i love that franchise...after that we got titan fall ,halo 5 may be quantum break and sunset i may just disppear from work for a full month need to recover from the excesive spending.

MiHX21594d ago

Xbox One with FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4.My dream just came true.

Whitey2k1594d ago

ps4 for me!! looking sweet with battlefield CoD planetside to warplanes expecially killzone in 1080p glory and a good free download like resogun

Moldiver1594d ago

PS4 for me too. I dont like FPS, so I dont care for BF4 or killzone. So I wont be needing a PSN+ until maybe metal gear online comes out. Im looking forward to all my free to play games out the box. Screw M$ and their paywall. I dont have to buy any games till metal gear comes out. hope we get last guardian soon and a new Valkryia Chronicles game.

BigShotSmoov0071594d ago

I was going along with what you're saying and what you like, can't argue with you on your likes and dislikes but then you go into your screw M$ with the money sign which shows your fanboy colors.

hankmoody1594d ago

Anyone here think we might see some crazy Black Friday sales in terms of next gen titles? Wouldn't be surprised if both MS and Sony use the day to try to get an advantage over one other.

mhunterjr1594d ago

Nah, Sony and ms will both sell every console that hits shelves this holiday season. The company that ships the most consoles will be the one that sells the most. They won't have to try to out-promote each other in terms of bargains on a particular day.

However, you will see retailers trying to out promote each other. They are willing to take a hit on console sales, because they make a killing on assessories. Still, retailers don't care which console you buy... Just that you by it from them, so I wouldn't expect to see the Sony vs MS battle play out there either.

The real console war will kick off once the die hard gamers have their consoles in hand, and the fence sitters start making decisions. That will be next year.

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