Review: FIFA 14 Fumbles And Lands Offside [eGamer]

eGamer writes: "In the end, FIFA 14 has some good ideas behind it, but unfortunately the execution leaves much to be desired, the goal of realistic gameplay came at the cost of fun and there are many severe technical failings that make it beyond frustrating to play much too often. It’s a step back from a really great and refined FIFA 13, but it’s doubtful that this will stop many from buying it for the roster updates alone and because, hey, it’s FIFA. However, I had a much better time with both FIFA 13 and even its predecessor FIFA 12, and this iteration does not seem worth the upgrade if you invested heavily in the last one. If you’re someone who buys FIFA every year regardless, I doubt anything will trip you up here, but to those who care, this one is a real misstep, and the drawing board needs to be consulted for next year."

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mewhy321740d ago

ROFL that's a great title. I'm not a soccer fan but that's a great title to this post.

boneso821740d ago

It would be a great title if there was such a thing as a "fumble" in football and, you do not "land offside". I agree with his review, I do not like the new FIFA but the title makes no sense to anyone who is remotely interested in football, let alone those who buy FIFA every year.

It should read "FIFA 14 recklessly slides in two footed and is shown a straight red"

Baka-akaB1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

" I had a much better time with both FIFA 13 and even its predecessor FIFA 12"

I feel completely otherwise . Fifa 12 was a game that played itself with its exagerated auto stuff and assists . You could mostly defend by holding and spamming X . And '13 was almost the same only much much much more buggy .

" Even when you turn game speed on fast, the pacing is just uncharacteristically slow."

Well they do strive for realism at least and finally . The demo and a few past iterations felt like holydays on ice . And the pace is probably half the reason we had those silly physics bugs amusing videos and gifs .

"the goal of realistic gameplay came at the cost of fun"

Again i felt otherwise , even if its probably my background as a PES fan rearing its head . The lack of randomness , of oomph , momentum and lack of required skills made past iterations much less fun to me .