Two brand new Fallout 3 screens released

VG247: "Bethesda's shown off two brand new shots of Fallout 3 this morning, giving you a few more reasons to want the RPG just a little bit more.

The first image shows Dogmeat the dog in lovely hi-res, the second showing a firefight between the game's protagonist and a feral ghoul."

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Expy3864d ago

Even though it's all about the gameplay (and they've delivered on that before), I hope that they will polish up the game a lot more as this game comes closer and closer to release time. From those screens alone, the graphics are a bit of a disappointment.

Snoozer2823864d ago

I've never seen them before.

Looks good to me.

LinuxGuru3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Still looks like a re-skinned Oblivion.


It'll probably have the same animations, same lighting, same weird npc chat system (I hated that zoom in on their face fact, I think if the camera pulled back to show you both standing there would have been a much better npc chat view).

RealTimeWeaponChange3864d ago

Uhhh, no.

Man, this game is looking good. Sucks about the PS3 getting a port, eh? What a shame...

PSMonster213864d ago

Sucks that you aren't getting any games this year.

JoyiusHammer3864d ago

SEVERELY OLD SHOTS. WhatIfGaming, PC.DE, kotaku had all these a month ago. VG247= Fail


Graphics are a joke compared to MGS4

ulath6663864d ago

Graphics are a joke compared to Fallout 2.
Graphics isnt everything you narrowminded fool...

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