Here's What Assassin's Creed 4 Looks Like On PlayStation 4

Gameranx: "Over a dozen minutes of gameplay footage of Assassin's Creed 4 on the PS4 is on display."

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ZHZ901765d ago

Well said, my friend.

aCasualGamer1765d ago

Even though i'm excited for what's to come on nextgen, this looks excactly like past Assassin's Creed games interms of visuals. I just don't buy into the whole "nextgen multiplats will looks soooo much better on nextgen consoles". Are you guys blinded by the fact that it's a nextgen title? Be objective please and take a better look at the visuals. It looks eeeeeeeexcactly the same as current gen. No improved cloth, no improved details, no improved animations, no improved AI, no improved physics engine... What the hell are you guys seeing that i'm not?!

There is absolutely no reason to buy this for a nextgen console if you already have a PS3 at home.

Really disappointed at this title, but i'm sure there will be true nextgen titles come 2014 and 2015.

thechosenone1765d ago


No reason to buy this on next gen hardware? Are you kidding?

How about the most important reason...1080/60fps.

aCasualGamer1765d ago


Are you ... fucking ... kidding me?

Is that the ONLY thing you expect from a nextgen console?

1080p/60fps doesn't mean nextgen... it means the thing you wanted this whole time was the PC version. I mean this nextgen extravaganza needs to cool down. People, take a moment to look at this from a distance. Is it really worth putting out 400$ for a new console that as of now, has only brought us 1080p/60fps? What about all the other things that makes the visuals and design stand out? How about NEXTGEN physics... or NEXTGEN AI? How about there is absolutely no difference in the way the characters look compared to current gen?

I... don't... get.. IT! What is soo nextgen? Can someone tell me?

webeblazing1765d ago

yeah they don't seem to get that. its hypocrisy at its finest. gfx don't/do, res don't/do, fps don't/do, power diff don't/do, its start to get old. I don't really care about res and gfx, maybe because im use to changing the settings to fit me. I love good gfx its a bonus tho. one thing a don't like is how people bash another system because of lil things.

thechosenone1765d ago


The majority of what's talked about in the vid will not be available on current gen consoles. This along with 1080/60fps are the reason to upgrade to next-gen hardware.

Now please STHU and go away and do something else other than try and troll PS4 articles.... no reason to upgrade. heh

Building a Next-Gen Open World | Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

patsrule3161765d ago


I agree with you that the visuals in this game look pretty similar to this gen. I am not seeing anything that makes me say 'Wow!!!! That has to be on a new system, there is no way our current systems could do this." It could just be because the Youtube video cant show us the fine detail, though. It is hard to say.

On the other hand, I think your statement "There is absolutely no reason to buy this for a nextgen console if you already have a PS3 at home." is backwards. I would say there is no reason to buy a next gen system just to play this game, but if you already were getting a next gen system for other games, there is no reason to buy this game on current gen instead of next gen. The next gen version of the game will still be an improvement over current gen, even if not a huge one. Its not like the current gen version is cheaper (unlike Lego Marvel Heroes, which will actually be cheaper for current gen than next gen, although there was a hint that maybe the PS4 will actually have extra features for that game, but I digress).

So to sum up, if you have a next gen system anyways, get AC4 for next gen. If you don't have a next gen system, but want to play AC4, I don't see anything that says you need to wait for next gen before you play it.

bsquwhere1765d ago

^ Well this game isn't for you any way. It's not really aimed at casual gamers.

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a08andan1765d ago

Noooo!! Not ANOTHER video of a 1080p game in when you can only choose 720p :(

Fireseed1765d ago

Meh not like it matters, even at 1080p YouTubes compression and 30fps lock destroy it anyway.

a08andan1765d ago

Ye I guess :/ Can't wait for Assassins Creed IV! It is gonna be one of my next-gen launch games!

Fireseed1765d ago


Yeah even though I'm not a fan of so many non urban environments to parkour in, the gameplay is looking as smooth and satisfying as ever. You can always try the videos on IGN or Gamespot though they run in HD and at 60 fps

DoomeDx1765d ago

Graphics look horrible :/. I really thought I was looking at PS3 gameplay here.

Idba1765d ago

Its 1080p 60fps direct feed gameplay rendered in 720p then comprimised by Youtube.

what did you expect?

HeavenlySnipes1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The game looks like Assassin's Creed 3 on low-medium settings on PC

InFamous SS looks 100X better than this. So does Watch dogs, and The Division

Sevir1765d ago

It's not 60fps... The games single player runs at 1080p 30fps locked while the multiplayer on next gen runs at 1080p 60fps...

In anycase, I'm passing on AC4, just not excited about the franchise anymore

DoomeDx1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Im talking detail/shader/effects wise. Not resolution wise.

I hate it when people always bring up the ''youtube compression'' as an excuse.

hollabox1765d ago

I'm with you on this one, even in pictures I've not been impressed with AC4. The textures and polygon count looks Wii U level or slightly above what you can get on the X360 and PS3. But heck its first gen software being developed with last gen money making consoles in mind.

MrSwankSinatra1765d ago

AC4??? All I saw was Tom & Jerry Online.

Errefus1765d ago

Looking Forward on seeing 1080p gameplay

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