Edge Review: The World Ends With You

Tatsuya Kando, director of The World Ends With You, has admitted that the development team decided on the game's setting – Tokyo's youthful and vibrant Shibuya district – before anything else. While it might not be a case of style over substance, it's clear right from the off that, like its closest reference point Viewtiful Joe, this is a game designed as style before substance.

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PS360WII3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Badges for moves and experience points for that and the better/faster you kill them the more points you get. This will be crazy to get the dual screen fighting under control

G4drake3829d ago

o man i can,t wait to play this game(still need a DS)

meepmoopmeep3829d ago

i pretty much play anything that comes out from Square.
looks so awesome.

LeonSKennedy4Life3829d ago

That's probably the most misleading title ever though...seriously.

It gives me the impression that it's the deepest game ever created...and I know it's not.

Can I just get a game that will make me cry?

Lord_Ash3829d ago

I'll get this after I finish Crises Core (best SE game in a while).

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