Watch a New PCH-2000 PlayStation Vita Dismantled Piece by Piece

Have you ever been curious to see the guts of the new PCH-2000 PlayStation Vita? Today you can, thanks to a rather sadistic journalist from the Japanese website 4Gamer, who wasn’t happy with just comparing the new handheld by Sony with the old one, but took it upon himself to completely dismantle the unit.

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mewhy321739d ago

Oh man I love this kinda stuff.

stavrami1739d ago

there's ppl out there dying to get there hands on one of these but don't have the cash . and u want them to watch u pull one apart like a demented caveman :-//

Abriael1739d ago

Actually it's dismantled quite carefully and with the necessary technical knowhow.

stavrami1739d ago

didn't watch it just don't get the necessity of it

N4GCB1739d ago

Teardown videos help those who have a broken part and want to know how to repair it themselves without breaking their possesions.

wishingW3L1739d ago

I want to see a PS4 dismantled. We already know how simple (but huge) the XB1 looks in the inside but I'm intrigued by how Sony arranged the components of the PS4 that even though similar to the XB1's the console is still smaller and it even has the power supply integrated.