The Burden Of Realism In 'Grand Theft Auto V

By Paul Tassi "bought car insurance for the first time in a video game last week. It was in Grand Theft Auto Online, as a means of ensuring that if my car was destroyed by any of the nefarious vandals in Los Santos , I would be able to pay a deductible and get a new one instead of losing it for good"

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mewhy321616d ago

The fact that Rockstar can get this kind of fidelity from current gen is a testament to their talent. They are awesome!!!!!!

Dfooster1616d ago

He moans about balancing and paying death tax then moans about a one off car insurance payment that means you don't have to buy a new car every two minutes. Yeah the online needs some more balancing but it's in its early days and rockstar will learn from how people play the game and what works and what doesn't.

You can bet your bottom dollar that they will have gta online running like clockwork in next to no time.