You'll never find out how Killzone 3 ends. Shadow Fall dev on reboots & leaving cliffhangers hanging

OPM: I had a great chat with Killzone Shadow Fall‘s lead designer Eric Boltjes at this year’s Eurogamer Expo. There’ll be more later on the tech and other areas of Guerilla Game‘s next instalment but first here we are chatting about the story, rebooting the series for PS4 and how Killzone 3′s cliffhanger sting will never be resolved.

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iamnsuperman1765d ago

Make sense to reboot it in a way. It would be a very difficult game to write for with the ending Killzone 3 had

-Foxtrot1765d ago

Not really, they could explain how the guy in the pod will cause conflict in the future (30 years on) to avenge the Helghast empire. Slowly plotting away untill the time is right. I mean after the end of KZ3 it's going to take a while for them to regroup and put forth a new plan

iamnsuperman1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


True but there is only one way they could really go with that as nearly all of Helghan was wiped out. Then you have to avoid the story getting boring (i.e. too many flashbacks. 30 years is a long time ). We know the Helghan were evacuated by the ISA so how likely is it a huge important figure made it. It is a bit too convenient (which isn't good for a story). For me they backed themselves into a corner with that ending and such needed to have a fresh go over.

Joe9131765d ago

I also believe the person coming out the pod will be the leader of the black hand and causing the problems on vetka that will explain the KZ3 ending it has to be cause to end KZ3 like that then never address it in any way don't make sense why not do a full reboot if you going to ignore the ending of KZ3 IMO cliffhangers are only good if you at some point explain it.

MizTv1763d ago

I really want to know who that was in the pod at the end of kz3

Nitrowolf21765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

It just feels like a huge let-down TBH.

They might just be trolling us, but come on I know KZ3 story wasn't exactly top-notch or anything but to answer he ending here could easily explain why there is a wall on Vetka now.

I understand it would be hard to explain way a dead character would be back or something, but still.

He does say that the ending portion isn;'t directly explain, which probably means it is just we are gonna have to look away from the main narration.

-Foxtrot1765d ago

I always assumed the guy coming out the pod would be why there is a wall on Vetka now. I mean it could be there because ISA won after KZ3 but even then the guy in the pod could of been the person to unite the Helghast again and take revenge. I mean thats what I assumed straight away when I saw it was set 30 years after....they've regrouped and plotted away.

This has to be answered....I hope fans complain if we complain enough maybe they will do a DLC or something or even explain it in the next game. I'm guessing it's too late now to put it in the main game.

The way the guy talks about it though and his's like he couldn't give a s*** :|

With what you said below to me

"Like you said, what kind of reboot is this if it takes place 30 years after. I guess you can say it's a reboot with the time frame, but still."

If it was totally rebooted like instead of war in the first game they tried to live in peace (until now) then fair enough. It could of been an alternate timeline but it isn't, the events in Killzone 1-3 shaped the world during those 30 years so the guy has to be revealed.

SaffronCurse1765d ago

They could of had a mini flashback explaining what the hell happened. Not that hard to do.

Majin-vegeta1765d ago

No no no no I wanted to find out who was in the pod :(.

-Foxtrot1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I know right...WHAT THE F***

It's the main reason why I've been so excited about the next Killzone game, it's the number one question after Killzone 3.

You don't do a story related plot point like that and leave it hanging. Imagine if Valve did that with HL3, you would be furious

What a bunch of's not a reboot if it's in the same universe. That to me is a silly excuse to get out of the unresolved ending. The whole point of a reboot is to "RE-BOOT" everything. Story, characters, plot points...the games UNIVERSE.

Nitrowolf21765d ago


I have a feeling it will be explained away from the main narration. TBH I wouldn't even mind if (the guy in the Pod) was some sort of fairy tale/legend story that the Helghans told amongst each other, just to give their nation some hope. IDK, it was a horrible ending but it needs to be cleaned up and explained.

Like you said, what kind of reboot is this if it takes place 30 years after. I guess you can say it's a reboot with the time frame, but still.

hardcorehippiez1765d ago

my guess is it was visari the one that was killed was a double . hope we do find out if not this game then the next. i would hate to never find out who it was.

sandman2241765d ago

I'm sure it will be fine once we get our copies of shadow fall.

sigfredod1765d ago

I think they are trolling us, pretty sure this ending will be resolved on the future, all of us killzone fans want to know what give os say Visari to his daughter before the speech and who was on the pod

LOGICWINS1765d ago

Im sure if we protest enough we'll get those questions answered in the next Killzone Vita.

LEOPARD10301765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Killzone 3 has a bad story and its ending was a huge mistake from GG.

"Sev: How many people were down here?"

Millions moron, you killed millions of innocent people, worst ending in any game and the main characters are stupid and boring ( rico, narville, sthal), a game to forget.

I hope a better story and MP in Shadow Fall.

MrUndrhill1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I love KZ3 (and 2) but I think it is a huge problem in gaming..great set pieces and design...novice story and character. Killzone had a lot of promise always, but it just never really hit any marks on the story front. I also think adding in another foe, something like the flood in Halo, would have also helped with diversity. All blue vs red gets a bit tired.

Regardless, my favourite PS3 shooter and I can't wait for Shadowfall.

LEOPARD10301765d ago

Sure ,new factions, enemies or races would be great !

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