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CookingWithGrenades: We live in an exciting time for our hobby, where indie game developers dare to create unique gameplay experiences that tend to focus on the fun factor instead of how much profit the developers can rake in. Megabyte Punch is the type of game that makes this apparent; it blends gameplay elements from some truly brilliant games in order to create something unique and fantastic that could only be done by an indie team.

The term “Super Smash Bros for the PC” was used to describe Megabyte Punch when I first came across it, something that got me excited as I am a huge fan of the Super Smash Bros series. Fortunately, the game is not just a blatant rip-off of Smash, creating its own gameplay style with an interesting graphic style to boot.

Megabyte Punch has been out for a little while now, but it is now coming very soon to Steam after being accepted through Steam Greenlight.

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