Miyamoto: Nintendo looking to bridge the gap between 2D/3D Mario players with Super Mario 3D World

Over the years, Nintendo has created two distinct categories of Mario games: 3D titles like Galaxy, and 2D releases such as New Super Mario Bros.

The Big N attempted to blend the two gameplay types with Super Mario 3D Land. This is now being taken a step further with Super Mario 3D World, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.

When ONM asked if Super Mario 3D World is trying to appeal to all types of Mario fans, Miyamoto responded:

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thomasmiller1738d ago

I personally prefer the 2d games, the 3d are fun, but I like 2d best, and Mario 3d world does bridge the gap, and I think it will be better than the galaxy games, and may the best mario game yet, The game play elements are really different than from past mario games, and I am looking very foward to this title. I hope they make more mario games like this one!

brewin1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

2D Mario games are still good IMO, but they are becoming old hat and not enough is being done to enhance the experience. They kind of milked it with the New Super Mario titles. Isnt it like...not new after the 3rd or 4th iteration? Stop calling it New for frig sake. The 3D titles are where its at. Whats better than Mario 64/Suinshine/Galaxy 1 and particularly Galaxy 2? Not much. Those are some of the finest examples of gameplay substance ever created in gaming history!

Venox20081738d ago

I really dont know how a "New super mario bros" per console or handheld is a milking.. look at Uncharted: 3 games on a console, Gears of war, halo, call of duty and others.. THATS A MILKING :)

ContraCode1738d ago

There will always be a place for 2D gameplay. Look at how popular Rayman Legends is and how well it has done. Beautiful game that is a blast to play.

With that said, I would love to see a true sequel to Mario 64 soon with large worlds to explore. Until then I hope Super Mario 3D World will fill that void till a truly ambitious 3D based Mario game is released.

3-4-51738d ago

Super Mario 64-2 please

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