New RPG 'Lichdom' to be most influenced by Borderlands and Dark Souls

Lichdom is a new first-person RPG that is being developed by Xaviant. The trailer for the new title can be viewed on this page, and it showcases some excellent visuals with an emphasis on magic. What Xaviant is trying to do to help separate Lichdom from other titles will be that emphasis on magic and specifically, crafting. The crafting of spells will look to be a very deep and engaging exercise. Spell Cores, as they will be called, will be in minimal abundance, but these powers will grow and allow new spells to be uniquely crafted.

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stavrami1740d ago

so a 1st person fantasy theme ?? soooooooooo skyrim then

GarrusVakarian1740d ago

Not necessarily, Skyrim is more "gritty medieval" fantasy rather than high fantasy. This looks more on the "high fantasy" side.

stavrami1740d ago

look don't get me wrong i would play this as soon as i hear rpg my preorder is in there and while i agree there are differences in skyrim to what this looks like as u said with the themes but cmon lets call it what it is (borderlands/darksouls) or (skyrim)

MidnytRain1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

1st person fantasy =/= skyrim = ignorance

stavrami1740d ago

so this is like dark souls then is it midnyrain=sheep

MidnytRain1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

For starters, there's apparently no melee combat whatsoever... Which makes it nothing like DS, and very different from Skyrim. This game looks more magic-y action than RPG. He's pretty much just talking about enemy AI when comparing it to BL and DS.

AnotherProGamer1740d ago

Just because its a 1st person fantasy game doesn't its skyrim. Ultima Underworld was a 1st person fantasy game before Elder Scrolls

shahab911740d ago

Wow. This game will be great. I think it's a pc exclusive. Or am I wrong?

RuleNumber51740d ago

Right now it's a PC exclusive, but sounds like from the interview we had with them that they really want it to come to next-gen.

shahab911740d ago

Thank you for the info bro =) +1

DanielGearSolid1739d ago

Just not my thing...

Feels restricted, and i like seeing the character, especially if its customizable

NiteX1740d ago

It looks cool to me. This and Hellraid are definitely on my list.

isarai1739d ago

Definitely keeping an eye on this, absolutely loving how many devs are becoming inspired by Dark Souls