Next gen consoles: A buyer's guide

Playdar presents a deadly serious guide to deciding between the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

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mewhy321742d ago

Oh this should be good.....sitting back with popcorn and a cold mountain dew.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1742d ago

I want to get a ps4 they are all sold out.... Xb1? lol

xHeavYx1742d ago

I'll take whatever the guy on the right is selling

ABizzel11742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Fans are going to get their console of choice regardless, but for those who are undecided.

IMO if you want to buy a gaming platform this holiday get the PS4, Wii U, or PC.

The PS4 is a powerhouse of a console, and as soon as you buy your PS4 you'll get at least 10 games free (I think that number increased now) with F2P and your PS+ subscription. For $500 the same price as an Xbox One, you can get your PS4, 1 game of your choice, 1 year of PS+, and all the free games to come with it which are: Drive Club PS+ Edition, Resogun, Outlast, DC Universe Online, Warframe, Warthunder, Planetside 2, Blacklight Retribution, Don't Starve, and Secret Ponchos all included in that $500 price.

The Wii U is finally starting to get a good library of games under it's belt. This holiday will strengthen the line-up even more with Mario, Donkey Kong, Pikmin 3, and more. However, it kicks 2014 off with a blast. Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart, and more blockbuster games will finally be gracing the console in 2014, which makes now the time to get the console for those who have been waiting.

If you've ever been interested in building a PC now is the time. The HD 7000 series and GTX 600 series are fading away and you should be able to find some amazing deals on some great GPU's either new or used. The GTX 700 series are powerful, but a bit pricey; however, that should change with AMD announcing the R7 and R9 series GPU's which are priced almost perfectly. Steam OS could potentially give your gaming PC an extra bit of power, by not having a huge overhead for the OS. You can build a great all around gaming PC with similar specs. to the PS4 for $600 easily (Intel Quad or AMD 8 core processor, 16GB of RAM, etc...), and if high settings isn't your goal you can build a very capable all purpose PC for $400 (Richland / Trinity APU, 8GB of RAM, etc...).

As for the Xbox One, I say wait until next year for it. It cost the most and for the money you can get a gaming PC, with A LOT more flexibility. It has a lot going against it heading into the this generation. Put all that together and the Xbox One has the best chance of getting a price drop sooner than any of the other consoles. On top of that it has the greatest chance of being subsidized thanks to it's push for TV, and could be $299 - $359 with a $15/mo. 2 year XBL gold subscription, or even as low as $99 - $199 with a HDTV package from your cable provider (seeing how the average bill is around $100 a month for basic HD cable and a solid internet connection). So it's best to save your money, and get one when the games you want come out in 2014 like Halo 5.

Gozer1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

If you want a true next gen experience buy an X1. If all you care about is the same thing as ps3/360 just more powerful buy a PS4.

X1 has all the features of the ps4 plus- voice recognition, voice control, motion control, in-game video chat, custom soundtracks, Smartglass support, an IR Blaster to run your whole home theatre through the X1, dedicated servers through the cloud, and game improvements through the cloud. Not to mention X1 has an intriguing line up of exclusives.

BTW way this is a joke article and is not meant to be taken seriously. For all you folks who just commented and didn't read the article.

ABizzel11742d ago


PS4 also has voice recognition, voice control, motion control, in-game video chat, custom soundtracks, 2nd screen support, dedicated servers, and stream entire through the cloud. Not to mention the PS3 was wildly agreed upon as the console with the best exclusives for the last generation of consoles, why would the PS4 be anything less with it being MUCH easier to developer for.

The argument that it's a PS3 with better graphics is one of the dumbest anyone can use, because the Xbox, Wii U, and upgrading your PC all fall into the same argument whenever someone needs it to fit their needs.

Both console should be great, problem is XBox is pricing put it on par with a mid-range gaming PC (which is more powerful, and more diverse), puts it $100 more than the PS4 (which is more powerful, and has a proven line-up of incredible 1st & 2nd party exclusives with it's predecessor), and puts it $200 above the Wii U which is going to have an amazing 2014 (at least for the first half).

The Xbox One has a lot going against it right now, and as I said if you can wait, just wait because the Xbox One has the biggest chance of getting a price cut out of all the consoles.

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Majin-vegeta1742d ago





ZHZ901742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Price: PS4

Exclusive Games: PS4

Multiplat Games: PS4


Controller: PS4

Dedicated Servers and Online Gaming: PS4

Exclusives: Xbox One

Xbox One: Just only its Exclusives.

Also at that picture of Don and Mark, ol.

wynams1742d ago

This guide should be simple ... step 1. buy ps4


illustratedDEO1742d ago

DAT Don and Mark Cerny pic duh lmao

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