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New screenshots revealed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U (10.14.2013)

Nintendo has kicked off the week with a new set of screenshots for Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Check them out! (Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

mewhy32  +   317d ago
Looks great. I hope that this helps to pull nintendo out of its quagmire. The wii-u isn't such a bad console. They just need more system selling games. This could very well be one of them. I hope it is.
GrizzliS1987  +   317d ago
thats great and all, BUT WHERE IS MY MARTH?????
Ramon3MR  +   317d ago
I love my Wii U, it just needs a new set of games.
brewin  +   317d ago
That new set of games will be coming along right when the other systems are having their software droughts. Nintendo is playing their hand brilliantly and hedging their bets on 2014 being a break out year.

Think about it... when gamers are bored of their launch releases and starving for new games, the Wii U will be getting games like DKC, Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros. plus there will be tons of quality software from this holiday season that many gamers who havent bought a Wii U yet will not have experienced. Nintendo is taking a hit now, but the turnaround is so close I can smell it...
neogeo  +   317d ago
A much needed and wanted WiiU game. A good idea to bundle it in. That would turn some heads.
TheOtherVitaOwner  +   317d ago
I'd buy that
Ramon3MR  +   317d ago
The question will then be....get this game on the Wii U or 3DS...maybe both lol.
brewin  +   317d ago
I know Im gonna end up getting both and you will too! If only they had some sort of cross-buy... hell, even a cross-buy rebate of some sorts will go a long way to getting people to buy both. But how hard would it be for them to give a code for a digital copy of the other systems version in the game box? Even like a 50% off coupon. They have a chance to do right by their customers I hope they step up to the plate!
king_george  +   317d ago
Fox and link are my two favorites :D also, glad to see sonic back
Ramon3MR  +   317d ago
I've always been partial to Link, as I'm a huge mark for The Legend of Zelda.
brewin  +   317d ago
Holy crap this game looks better everytime I see it! This should have been Nintendo's big holiday title this year. If this launched the same day as PS4 and Mario launched the same day as Xbox One buyers would have a really hard time NOT wanting a Wii U with such awesome games available. Whatever though, 2014 will be Wii U's year for sure. I just hope its not too late for the Wii U cuz it really is a fantastic system. The UI is great, the system is very fast since the updates, and it has a lot of the "next gen" features that the other systems have but they are available NOW. BONUS: The Wii U is the ONLY system that does not require a fee for onlne play! And the online play is GREAT! I have had a blast with several U games online without any hindrances.

Hardware power has gotten to a point where it really has no significant impact on game quality. Wii U is MORE than powerful enough to give developers the tools to create awesome games. Its what those developers do with it. They really should rename the system the Nintendo RevolUtion, because that is what the system truly is. Its Nintendo revolutionizing their games and its about damn time!
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Thepcz  +   316d ago
for me xenoblade 2 is the game that will sell me on wiiu

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