Crytek Defends Against Claims That Ryse Is 'Nothing But A Series of QTE's'

Producer Mike Read also talks about the game’s original direction for Xbox 360.

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black0o1406d ago

the PR team in Xbone camp is on 24/7 defend mode .. i kinda feel sry for them

5 weeks to GO for the next-gen madness

mewhy321406d ago

Hmmmmmm...nah I'm not going to say it.

ABizzel11406d ago

THe best way to end criticism is to put it, show up, and shut people up.

Crytech show off more of the game, and let people be the judge, because what you've shown hasn't impressed since E3 reveal, and we know the game has suffered a loss in quality since then.

Stop depending a game with words, and just show it.

UnHoly_One1406d ago

Great use of your 1 bubble.

Gozer1406d ago

I disagree Abizzel. They have shown plenty of vids that first look absolutely amazing, and second didn't show any QTEs. I think some people jump on the qte argument just because they don't have anything else to argue about when it comes to Ryse. The game looks fantastic, and according to recent hands on impressions plays well too. I mean its obvious from the newest vids that its nothing like the qte fest it seemed to be at E3.

DragonKnight1406d ago

@Gozer: Ok then, how about a linear QTE game designed to be easy and casual whose best quality is that, because it's linear, Crytek can use their patented development style of looks over substance? Does that about cover it?

The_Con-Sept1406d ago

I still think ryse is going to be another Lair catastrophe. Only because they are doing the exact same thing when it comes to PR.

QTE games are only fun in the world of God of War.

MusicComposer1406d ago

I really love the time period Ryse is in and it COULD be a good game. There's a lot of important information missing though and I suspect it will continue to stay missing until the game is released. Has any real information been given about the length of the single player? What if it's only 5 hours long? The multiplayer doesn't look so good so is that enough value? Also, the combat looks pretty repetitive. Regardless of how "cool" it looks in a 30 second video, imagine doing that for 5 hours straight. Mashing A and blocking with a shield.

It seems as though this could be like ZombiU. The previews had great things to say about it and then in came the negative reviews of repetitive combat and things. Honest question too, will people lose their mind if Knack gets reviewed higher than Ryse?

itBourne1406d ago

The only thing new I have seen of this game is the mp, and it looked extremely lack luster and seemed like it would get dull very fast. GoW mp was fun, and Chivalry is an absolute joy to play, this looked like neither.

TheSsus1406d ago

Yet you saw it fit to write that waste of a comment...

OT, Crytek sure like to talk, how about they back it up, 'cuz Ryse looks mediocre at best.

Bigpappy1406d ago

Wow. How is someone in defense mode just because they responded to the question asked. Crytech does not even work for M$.

Gozer1406d ago

These are the latest vids and there are no QTEs in any of them. The whole QTE argument is pure nonsense.

Razputin1406d ago

I think people bitch, just to bitch.

People just thrive off of conflict. If you don't like QTEs just shut the hell and don't buy the game.

Let people who want to play it, buy it, and play. Simple as that.

All I am hoping for is this game to come to PC.

The day technology catches up to the ideas these developers want, then there won't be a need for QTEs.

NewZealander1406d ago

that was a waste of your one bubble lol

pixelsword1405d ago

I'll say it: I think it looks pretty good.

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't expect to see too many games, even by big names like Crytek, to all come out at 1080p in the first year or two. It's all about how fast and how easy people can wrap their heads around the software:

for example, I never expected Insomniac to waver in terms of their graphical quality versus their numbers like they did when Resistance 1 and 2 had more people online than three: they had to lower player numbers to a measly 8x8 for R3 whereas I never expected companies like Ninja theory or Guerrilla games to become so adept in terms of graphical excellence (although the first Killzone was an amazing game, as they used their engine to make Killzone 2).

CRAIG6671405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Ok, everyone says Ryse is going to be all about teh grAffffics... sure Crytek are ok in that department,what annoys me is the fact no-one ever gives Killzone grief on this, I bought my playstation3 MAINLY for Killzone 2 and it looked AMAZING but it felt to me like the most sole-less generic/boring first FPS I have ever played.
The E3 build is a distant memory and they have obviously given the gameplay mechanics a big overhaul... why not give them a chance, all the PS fanboys sound like they have played the game through to completion and know exactly how it plays.

LackTrue4K1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )


@ your first video before even reaching 4 minutes in, they replay the same QTE (stabbing sword in back of neck for a kill)!!!

and your saying there's "no QTE"
lol..!!! your a fool/troll/or just blind!!

insomnium21405d ago


"(stabbing sword in back of neck for a kill)"

This has been the thing I'm most amazed about this game. Ever single video seems to have this same neck-stab-kill over and over.

It's such a ridiculous move to begin with (you can't stab through someone's spine ffs. The tissue around spine is so much softer that it would ricochet off the spine rather going through it (given that you even have the inhuman physical strength to push your sword through it (it would take immense shoulder strength AND a pristine sharp blade on your sword)). I can't see why such an awkward move (when keeping reality in mind) would be so cool that they show it all the time over and over again but whatever dudes.....

loulou1405d ago

i think it looks pretty good and will pick it up day one.

what amazes me is that the same people that criticise ryse gameplay, gush over deep downs poke-a-thon... well one is for xbo and the other for the ps4

usual flamebait from rashid/flamebolt. when is this site going to get banned??

@abizzle yep that downgrade sure looked nasty. smh

warczar1405d ago

crytek shouldn't be so defensive, they really have nothing to worry about. what else are you going to buy with your xbone?

shivvy241405d ago

unlike many here , im gonna wait and see how this game turns out. I honestly loved the E3 build but I didn't like the QTE ( they fixed that )

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buynit1406d ago

Sony fanatics bash it 24/7.. Feel sad for those "gamers" too.

RyuCloudStrife1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Yeah Sony fanatics are the ones bashing the console /s

The Xbox One is weaker many devs and analysis have revealed so stop crying.


Dude just take a look at the specs sheet, that's all I'll say.

MightyNoX1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

XBots suckle on MS' teets 24/7. Nintendo fanboy here feeling sorry for you drones.

PFFT1406d ago

Many devs??? OHH you mean those so called unnamed devs that turned out to be Sony payroll devs. But if i do recall they were about 2 or 3 not many. Its awesome how you Sony fangirls stretch the truth.

buynit1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )


Spec sheets reminds me of the time this gen started, the cell this and that and look how that turned out. Is the ps3 more powerfully yes but by a lot, no...

No difference this gen except you can do more with xb1 right out the box, well i can make good use of the hdmi Input anyway, Im aware many of you don't have cable or into kinect..

I don't have to go on a pens size rampage like you do every day, want to know Why?! Cause i will own both consoles and currently prefer the xb1 for its entertainment hub, kinect and launch games..

Indies devs and who ever else you are talking about can talk about It all they want, all i know is that what's available at launch tells a different story and of course every one will come up with their own understanding of that story and in this case manipulate it to their sacred beliefs.

Thank you for your awesome review, ill be sure to skip the game now /s

Awolvie1406d ago

Played it at Eurogamer, was a very choppy game that was a mess control wise and the AI wasn't intelligent... I know it isn't out yet, but the signs weren't exactly great!

UnholyLight1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )


Pure win. Thank you for writing out that comment. If the "Xbone" is such garbage then why is it that everyone on N4G that is a diehard Sony fan feels they have to be bashing Xbox One no matter what the news is.

Really? I sense a little insecurity with some of the people writing comments. At least I can say I have made and formulated my own thoughts and opinions on the PS4 and Xbox One. I will be buying both and I couldn't be more excited to play on the Sony side of things for the first time!! Both consoles will be great, end of story. Now can't we all just enjoy these amazing consoles on release day!?

itBourne1406d ago


I know this is not the case for many, but in my case I am surely not insecure. For one I feel bad for you barely joining the Sony camp, as you have missed a ridiculous amount of great exclusives. I am less of a Sony fanboy myself and more of a Microsoft hater. They themselves havent even supported you the gamer for the past 4 years. What games have you got from them? Yet they have been infinitely rewarded the last few years by the gamer for essentially doing nothing. I would rather give my money to a company that supports a vast number of genres over the entire course of a console cycle. M$ has shown two consoles in a row that they will not do that.

Now if a great game comes to xbox I will admit it, as I do not hate the devs. I wanted ME when it was on the xbox, even if it never came to ps3, that was a great game (played it on pc). Sorry to tell you, Ryse has all the signs of a bad game, and I am not the least bit sad about the fact that I will not be playing it.

Anzil1406d ago

Im getting a one and this is overhyped crytek garbage that originated from a kinect game. Dont label people that have a good reason to complain and its the same when it came to xboxs original policies....ur pathetic!

UnholyLight1405d ago


Fair enough, I made the jump to the Xbox 360 from a Gamecube so naturally I can't imagine it any other way. I've always kind of liked Sony as a company even though I never owned a Sony product, aside from the PSP (and just recently the Vita). What I can't imagine is the month of downtime a couple of my buddies had to deal with when the PSN went down. For most of the world it was like two weeks or something but for some odd reason my buddies couldn't get on for OVER 30 DAYS. That's insane. I've been perfectly fine with shelling out money for Xbox Live knowing that I am getting a very well secured network despite the few hiccups over the years (totally forgivable and pretty well expected with any service).

I don't know, I just feel like I can rest a little easier putting my money into Xbox Live, a slight unease doing it with Sony! I love Sony games though, but naturally Xbox would be my home since I love my FPS and Racing games.

I'm actually really looking forward to rocking DriveClub and Killzone on PS4! I'd love to know how the tocuhpad integration will work for third party games since that will be somewhat a deciding factor as to whether I buy them on PS4 over Xbox One. Those rumble/impulse triggers sound like a game changer for Xbox One though I gotta say. It's gonna be a tough decision for games like Watch Dogs and ACIV

r2oB1405d ago

You can't imagine a month of downtime for your friends? Just ask the numerous gamers that had to go up to a month without their console while it was being repaired for RRoD. Nice stealth troll, but Im sure people would rather take a month of downtime on multiplayer in one instance (still can play single player games) than a month of downtime completely on numerous occassions (no console=no single player or multiplayer).