The PS4's DualShock 4 Controllers Would Look A Lot Better In These Colors

Gameranx: "A member of the PlayStation Europe community gave the PlayStation 4 controller—the DualShock 4—a major facelift."

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mewhy321805d ago

I'll take the black controller and give the wife a pink one.

DeadManIV1805d ago

The orange and black one for me

Convas1805d ago

Dat Olive controller tho (O.O)

I think I actually like it more than the dark blue I was lusting after the other day.

Based Cerny pls.

Tiqila1805d ago

Hopefully Sony sees this... damn they look good.

ABizzel11805d ago

I agree the colors look better than the all black IMO, that contrast just makes everything pop.

grumpc1805d ago

I have no problems with the colours they're releasing in anyway to be honest.

Rikuson11805d ago

I just want a white dualshock 4 :,(
And it'll most likely happen white has been the secondary color for every playstation product but japan will most likely get it first. Just like the Dualshock 3

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