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War Thunder - PlayStation 4 Trailer

The PlayStation 4 Trailer of War Thunder. (PS4, War Thunder)

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THC CELL  +   319d ago
Day one on ps4 very addictive on pc
cleft5  +   319d ago
I am really hyped for all of the F2P games that will be on PS4 Day one. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the other games but I really like Warframe, War Thunder, Planetside 2, Blacklight, etc.

I have played them on my laptop, but my laptop either can't run them or don't run them well. So I am really hyped for these titles.
Livecustoms  +   319d ago
Axe99  +   318d ago
Agreed, that's a trailer to show off the closed beta on PC, from a whiles ago now. Pumped for the game though, very much looking forward to it :).
Livecustoms  +   318d ago
Why the dislikes lol ? Its an Old trailer, thats all i was writing about !
sigfredod  +   319d ago
Day one download
scott182  +   319d ago
I'll be getting this day two, or possibly three...
LEOPARD1030  +   319d ago
Day 1 :)

Waiting with Planetside 2 great !
Tsar4ever  +   319d ago
HEYYY!!!#, something seems different about this new trailer. It doesnt look like WarThunder GP footage from the earlier supposed PS4 trailers. And didnt anyone here notice that NONE of the planes shooting their guns, no spent .50 cal casings were spilling out the back of the wings Ive grown so fond of seeing the pc footage. THATS ATTENTION TO DETAIL is so important to me. So was THIS gameplay from World of Planes or WarThunder? IM kinda worried that the port may not be as good as the pc even after the devs swore the PS4 port would look JUST AS GOOD.
theXtReMe1  +   319d ago
It isnt just you. It was the first thing I noticed with the trailer. Everything had that early, launch PS3ish look to it. Very blurry textures and it just looked really bad. So, now the question becomes were they lying to us all this time, showing us Max PC settings and trying to pass them off as PS4 visuals... or is it some sort of compression issue with the video itself, making it look worse and actually is?

I love flight combat games and was amazed by the visuals they showed us in the supposed PS4 videos of gameplay. I'm not quite sure why they would release a video like this, that shows the game looking less than stellar. Especially so close to it coming out. It is a free to play title, but I imagine they still want people to download and play it and possibly buy any add-ons that are released.

I hope they clear this up as soon as possible. I, as I imagine they, want this game to be as successful as possible on the PS4, so other developers will also bring other flight combat games to it.

Only time will tell.
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Tsar4ever  +   318d ago
This is off the main topic, but since you dig playing WT. I thought you might like this fan–made movie from ingame footage by a WT gamer named Haechi, named "17". Its 20 mins long, but its really well done and worth the watch. He also did another about flying tigers, but you should really sit through this movie first. Enjoy.

Axe99  +   318d ago
It's because it's not a 'new' trailer - it's a trailer for the closed PC beta, and has got to be months and months old. This trailer was released before Gaijin started developing War Thunder for PS4 ;).
cell989  +   319d ago
free games never hurt, especially on launch day
Deathdeliverer  +   319d ago
This game gets graphical updates all the time so im sure it will look even better by launch. This trailer may be new but I could swear most of the footage is old. Either way it looks better on my pc than this trailer. This trailer looks like the pc version 3 months ago. I didn't see any bullet holes in the wings. Maybe I just missed it. I have no doubt that the ps4 ver. will be identical since the title updates will be across both platforms simultaneously.

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