Battlefield 4 – DICE talk shooter fatigue & PS4 touchpad grenade "flicking"

OPM: Bigger doesn’t always mean better. So while it may not do the numbers of Activision’s mega-franchise, DICE’s take on multiplayer warfare, Battlefield 4, is often thought of as the critic’s choice. One for the purist, it values teamwork and tactics over twitch shooting and teabagging. Such an approach has garnered it a justifiably large and passionate community – and a reputation to uphold as we move to PS4. So who better to explain how to win the online war than multiplayer producer Aleksander Grondal.

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Mr_cheese1765d ago

Really looking forward to getting a go of this on my PS4.

angelsx1765d ago

Me too.But why Dice don't show any gameplay on next gen consoles.I've seen some in youtube but the quality is terrible.

sandman2241765d ago

I agree why is there very few videos on bf4 for ps4? Also where are the call of duty ps4 version videos? Someone needs to find out.

EastBayPunk1765d ago

I play BF4 on Ultra on PC with 60 fps and I wouldn't describe the PS4's footage as terrible.. it was an off screen video of a game in an early beta stage.. and it still looked great.. I'd say somewhere between medium and high settings on PC.. I'll take that in a second on console.

Gamesgbkiller1765d ago

Can't wait to try 64 players and 60 FPS.

That's going to be epic.

sAVAge_bEaST1765d ago

I am doing it, I'm breaking down and getting it on ps3, and the 10$ upgrade to Ps4.

pyramidshead1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Nice to see devs using the touchpad. Edit: if they actually implement it. Nice idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.