Armchair Empire: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Armchair Empire writes: "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 can quickly, easily and accurately be summed up as Rainbow Six Vegas with a "2" tacked on the end of it. (Honest. Go read my review of the original.) Well, at least for the single-player campaign, which precedes the events of the first game than bounces through a lot of the events of the original and finishes with a great climax.

The basic controls and overall feel of the game – ordering your mates to cover, etc., scouting rooms before bursting in, leaning out from cover, switching back and forth between, regular, heat, and night vision, and so on – is the same as last year's original game so the real difference here is that you can play the whole campaign co-operatively with another player. (The player hosting the game still controls two squadmates; at least for the sections you have squadmates.) This works extremely well and with an improved "faces application" via the Live CAM, you can really personalize the experience by putting yourself in the game. Many have said the only real way to play Gears of War was with two players and the same can be said of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Sure, it can still be played "offline" but you are missing out if you're not playing with a buddy."

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