Honest Gamer: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review

Honest Gamers writes: "In 1998, writer Tom Clancy released his novel Rainbow Six, the story of a counter terrorist organization. The organization's roster was comprised of personnel from several NATO organizations with its home in Hereford, England, alongside the British SAS (Special Air Service). Rainbow was put together in order to respond to terrorist threats around the world quickly and quietly. Teams were made of the very best of the military from around the world. The first Rainbow Six game was developed while the novel was still being written by Clancy; the series has defined and redefined tactical shooters since its release. With the original Rainbow Six: Vegas, the series moved away from the typical methodically planned missions, and went with a more mainstream, "on the spot" tactical planning style. Taking notice of the success of the title, Ubisoft decided to release a second Rainbow Six: Vegas game. The goal was to keep much of what was already working, and spice up the formula with some new features."

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