NYCC 2013: The Craziest, Sexiest and Weirdest Cosplay At The Convention This Year

Masoud of DualShockers writes:

"Below, for those of you who missed it, is the DualShockers Gallery of NYCC 2013 Cosplay, brought to you by a few members of the staff who just had to share the best of the best, the funniest, and the 'WhoWhaHuh?' pictures of the year. There’s also some cool stuff we saw at the con at the bottom (including celebrities!). For your convenience, I’ve split the cosplay into categories: yes, I know many of these characters have bled into different media, from comics to movies to games and back, but to make it easier I’ve put certain characters where they’re most known for.

Enjoy! And look at for Waldo!"

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JoelT1740d ago

Guy was just photobombing everyone.

xHeavYx1740d ago

The sexiest thing is that white Stingray