Top 10 Rarest Nintendo 64 Games

Who doesn’t love the Nintendo 64? It has one of the wackiest looking controllers in all of gaming, instant load times and some of the best games ever made. Check out Dean Vella's top 10 list of the rarest Nintendo 64 games.

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colinf4381407d ago

I own a couple... not in original packaging tho

3-4-51407d ago

I got Mario Part 3.

I always thought 2 was harder to get though. I miss the changing themes per level/character in that game.

kB01407d ago

Own 2, Paper mario and Conkers

ninjagoat1407d ago

I've got everything in mostly good condition except for Ogre Battle 64.

Nizulo1407d ago

You are a very lucky person! Personally, if i had any of these I'd never part with them, no matter how much money was offered.

jcnba281407d ago

I'd love a new Clay Fighter game.