GTA Online's best-paying missions and how to beat them - the highest cash and Rank payouts

"Making money in GTA Online isn't hard - just abduct and sell a few swanky cars - but you might need a bit of assistance if you've got your heart set on the most expensive Los Santos properties."

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Jam_sponge1740d ago

Farm the wave survival missions for muchos dollars - well, providing you survive enough rounds.

dirigiblebill1740d ago

I think you can get 20K per match on some of them.

Jam_sponge1740d ago

It's a shame they've screwed with the replay system, seems like they want more micro-transactions.

rdgneoz31740d ago

Though with the time spent surviving the waves, you could complete some of the other missions a few times over.

Out of Court Settlement - $9,000 (Martin, level 22): You can beat this one with just 1 bullet (snipe him from across the street when he's at a red light) and probably complete it about 3 or 4 times at least before you finish all 10 waves with a pick up group.

Jeff2571739d ago


Even easier as I found is just pull up behind him, get out of your car, and then just shoot him in the back of the head from close range. Then just walk up and grab the evidence and quickly lose the police. No chance of missing if you are at close range. It does help that he drives a convertible and even if the top is up the reticle will go red when you have a killing shot.

mhunterjr1739d ago

This is the most fun way to earn money, but not the quickest. A decent driver can get money faster in the races.