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WC - "This past week I was able to grab an interview with Bryan Williams, who is one of the lead developers on 2K Games soon to be released WWE 2K14 game. Bryan had led a special preview of the game, showing off many of the game’s unique features before sitting down for a one on one interview to discuss the game in depth."

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3-4-51652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I played WWE 12 last year and created 50 of my own wrestlers and my own "league" or whatever and just playing random matches was awesome because it was like a real living league of wrestlers with their own random occuring events. ( Hadn't played a wrestling game in 10+ years)

I haven't watched wrestling since 1998, but man these games are fun.

Mix that with 2k and how awesome they are at Franchise modes and this has the potential to be the best wrestling game ever made.

Next gen will be even better once they get the IP for a year or so and add even more.

I cant' stand any of the wrestlers now, but If I get to play Warrior vs Macho Man I'm all in.

Can we still create our own wrestlers, and if so how many ?

Paul851651d ago

I heard you can create 100 caws!