50% more US gamers used Xbox 360 for online play than PS3 in August, says Microsoft

Microsoft "proud and humbled to be the top online gaming service"

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mewhy321742d ago

I'd say that's pretty close. But i look for that to flip flop with PS4 and the bone.

dirigiblebill1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Flip flop, Microsoft, give a dog a Bone?

/may have just invented the next greatest folk tune

shivvy241742d ago

obviously there's gonna be 50% more people playing if x360 is outselling the ps3 by 50% in US ! What about worldwide stats ?

jackanderson19851742d ago

@ xHeavYx it was more the NPD report for august saying it and Hryb just passing on the information... a bad title if anything

shoddy1742d ago

They should to make thier money worth because they pay for it

minimur121742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

'proud and humbled'

so let's make a statement about it and let EVERYONE know.

NewMonday1742d ago

Not sure about the "humbled" part

Also considering the 360 has a 100% bigger install base in NA I thought the number would should be bigger

FamilyGuy1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The word "humbled" doesn't fit whatsoever, MS is literally bragging about it, that far from being "humble"

360 install base is nearly double that of the PS3 in NA so this statistic is obvious/not all that surprising. vgc has it at 27mil ps3s to 44mil 360s

How do they measure something like this anyway? Number of online players in a month could only be known by the platform holders themselves. :/

thechosenone1742d ago

Why does MS ignore the rest of the freaking insulting.

johndoe112111742d ago


They ignore the rest of the world because if they don't they'll have nothing to ever brag about.

webeblazing1742d ago

I think it would be the same if they counted the world too. you have to pay for live to play online, that the get part about psn. but that gone I expect most buyers of the new systems to play online a lot since you have to pay.



I believe NPD make polls for those statistic. If done right it can be accurate.


I think you are way off there.

As others mentioned, with less than 25M PS3s sold in US, while XB360 stands at more than 45M sold on the same region (roughly 80% more MicroSoft's consoles sold than Sony's), it's not that impressive, if anything, online attach rate on PS3 is higher (as it's a 50% online lead against a 80% total sales lead for MS) and if you project that along with the fact PS3 sold more pretty much anywhere else than North America it would point at more PS3 owners online WW than Xbox 360 owners.

Obviously simply projecting this attach rate to worldwide numbers must be off too, different regions may have different online habits, but we don't even have to guess there, both Sony and MS had stated their number of players online multiple times and Sony always had more people with a PSN account than MS had silver and gold members combined... So, if anything, having to pay for online further discourage people to get online, not the other way around (as it should be obvious really, I don't get why you think otherwise).

And it's even harder to project this numbers over next gen. As this article makes obvious many people this gen still kept their consoles either mostly or completelly offline. Eve if now both next consoles can be played offline, obviously this is still not the ideal scenario, even more so than on this gen, next gen consoles are heavily online focused (and unfortunatelly both charge to play online)... It's hard to predict how this portion of gaming community will react to this, they may get more online as it's simply needed to or they could even feel like skipping both PS4 and XB1 altogether (potentially even slowing down sales), so I really wouldn't even guess on how will both charging for online play affect next gen online attach rate right now.

Deltaohio1741d ago

Not saying PSN didn't have a lot of ppl playing but I would have to wonder how many accounts are real? If it cost nothing to make an account how many were made with no intention of being a permanent account? How many troll accounts? How many ppl banned on one account just to create another? How many created at a friends house just because?

Even if there that many more accounts that doesn't mean ppl are using them to play online.

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MRMagoo1231741d ago

outside the US the numbers would favour sony so they wont mention them lol of course live had more ppl online in the US , the 360 sold over double the ps3 in the US.

Blaze9291742d ago

why are people trying to downplay the significance of this by saying, "well duh in the US."

Like world wide would change anything about that. Is it so hard to just say, "congratulations Microsoft"?

Always gotta be a reasoning or half-truth with you all. sad

TI_211742d ago

Which significance does it have outside the US? None, that's why. Keep on living in your bubble.

3-4-51742d ago

Most 360 games are reliant upon online Multiplayer.

A healthy portion of PS3 games are single player only experiences.

Therefore, more people may be playing online for xbox, but it doesn't mean more people in TOTAL are playing the xbox than PS3.

This is Microsoft creating a stat and hoping nobody does what I just did and break it down logically.

UnholyLight1742d ago

I can't tell if you're serious, or just trolling...

Deltaohio1741d ago

Totally agree. I see ppl playing games skyrim and drakes uncharted on PS where I see most 360 players playing some FPS.

2cents1742d ago

That's because all they have all been online bashing the Xbox one. lol

No time for gaming when there is competition to stamp out.

candoa1742d ago

If you guys really believe pre orders are an accurate representation of the console sales once it hits the store you guys are loonies. ONce the x1 hits retail store it would be received by the casual gamer with open arms. ps4 has nothing for the casual gamers and x1 kinect has a lot, and believe price is not a problem for a father that wants to please his kid.

GoodnessGreatness1742d ago

casual gamers will see the price and get the cheaper one especially if that option has the better specs and value. Kinect is just a novelty that everyone will forget about after a copule of days of playing.

Rimeskeem1741d ago

Lol i wanna see these stats when the ps2 was around

Bzone241741d ago

50% more is close? From all the talk about the PS4 and the Xbox One on this site lately, I was thinking 50% more was an incredible, insurmountable amount. I thought you were king if it was said that you had 50% more. Was I misinformed?

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BobBelcher1742d ago

I can see this.
This makes sense.

DragonKnight1742d ago

US gamers maybe. Global gamers doubtful.

Wikkid6661742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

That's probably why it says US gamers and not global.

DragonKnight1742d ago

Yeah duh. That's why I said "US Gamers maybe" first. Mission failed Captain Obvious.

Wikkid6661742d ago

Read your statement to me... and put it in place for your 1st comment. That's what my point was. Someone might be a little slow.

DragonKnight1742d ago

Your point is irrelevant though. Either as a restatement of what I said, or as the more likely Captain Obvious moment, either statement was unnecessary to what I said.

Wikkid6661742d ago

You are definitely not very bright... and you prove my point.

DragonKnight1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Again, everything you're saying is irrelevant.

You're literally the only person who felt that what I said needed any kind of clarification or explanation. Everything you say is pointless and incorrect. Which you seem to enjoy.

I get you're thinking that I was the Captain Obvious, but you're the only one that needed a clarification, needed to actually come out said "hurr durr, that's why they said U.S. and not global." Yeah, no sh*t sherlock, that's not the point.

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Nicxel1741d ago

"US gamers MAYBE"....maybe? I'm pretty sure the word you're looking for is DEFINITELY!

DragonKnight1741d ago

Careful now. Captain Obvious is going to throw his tantrum all over you.

xJumpManx1742d ago

Surprised it is not more, sure ps+ is nice for free games but the best online experience for gaming is Xbox Live. I like ps+ fpr the free games so I joined that and I still have Live for when I want to play online.

christocolus1742d ago

im not really surprised...the service is great and so is the community ..all my pals play on xbx live even those who own the ps3 like me....the service alone is the reason why many gamers will still go with the xbx one anyday..especially in the states.

Insomnia_841742d ago

"...and so is the community"


torchic1742d ago

if you're a racist, homophobic 13-year-old then yeah! XBL community is the bees-knees man!

christocolus1742d ago

you have a problem with the xbx live community?then state it and stop baby for me i dont. most of those on my xbx live friends list are those i met online and they are great to play with..iv never really had major issues with jerks online and so far my experience has been great..i cant remember waiting hours for my games to start up and thats cos the xbx live community is large and always find someone to play with and the service itself is very whats your deal dude?

mrpsychoticstalker1739d ago

Jealous SONYBOT. lol ps notwork, even if you change providers, pay ur bill on time, have the latest modem, router. all you need is a lot of patience.

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QSPR1742d ago

ok let me se here, are you saying that Xbox live it's great or better than PSN that's the reason ppl jump over Xbox one??? are you try already PSN on PS4???? give me a break, I know Xbox live is good, of course you are paying for a service, or you spec to get a bad service even if you pay for it? I don't think so. PSN on PS3 is good or equal to XBL for been a FREE service! now as soon as new gen start we can see difference and complain about it .

christocolus1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

dude read my comment properly, understand it and stop trying to look for underlying meanings or a secret agenda..not everyone actually has the time and energy to do the battle of the consoles..i certainly aint doing that. ..i have stated an opinion based on my experience if you dont like it then kindly feel free to disagree...

Sayai jin1742d ago

@Chris- Do not bother trying to explain things to certain people. It is hard for the (insert whatever console here) extremist to understand someone that is not a soldier in this imaginary console war; or that they are biased and is just stating the personal experince.

colinf4381742d ago

I bought a 360 to go with my ps3 so I could play halo and what not, and I have to say it was a absolutley terrible experience. My friend list would delete each time I logged off, and half the time I couldnt join my friends games.... for me it was garbage. Specially considering sont offers the same experience at NO cost and far less problems. (This is MY experience, not saying its a truth for all xbx live users)

Trekster_Gamer1742d ago

Don't blame your crappy internet connection on XBL.

I own both and XBL is far and away a better service,
Gaming,social,marketplace are much more streamlined.